Two Little Wrestlers Give Spectators a Good Laugh as They Take the Mat for the First Time

Two Little Wrestlers Give Spectators a Good Laugh as They Take the Mat for the First Time

If you want to be good at something, you have to start young and stay committed. And as for two little boys who have a love of wrestling, their parents suited them up, got them on the mat, and quickly learned they might not be wrestlers after all.

And thankfully so, because these two little boys put on quite the show for the spectators that one of the moms caught on camera. And in a time when we could all use a laugh, this video is more important than ever.

Recently shared by SportsCenter on Instagram, as one can see, the video starts out with the two little tots shaking hands before the ref blows his whistle and tell them to wrestle. However, instead of going after his opponent, one of the little guys takes off running to the other side of the mat, stops to see how the other match is doing, and then starts to run back.

“Lord have mercy,” the mom says as those in the gym start to laugh at the chaos. “Come back, come back, come back.”

That’s when the other little one starts running towards him before they meet again where they should be. “Stay right here, Jay,” the mom encourages her son. “You gotta wrestle. You got to get him, okay?”

But it was only a matter of moments that both the boys decided that maybe wrestling just wasn’t something they wanted to do that day and they both took off in separate directions. And as some of the commenters pointed out, maybe Jay is in the wrote sport.


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“Put that boi in track,” one commenter wrote. “The next day his parents put him in track,” another added. “My mans is a track runner, not a fighter,” a third quipped.

SportsCenter also posted a photo of the two boys sitting next to each other after the match was over. Turns out they’d rather just be friends than opponents.

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