25 Glitch Tattoos That Showcase This Trippy Trend

Though tattoos may not be for everybody, the art of tattooing is. So even if you aren’t in the market to get inked yourself, you will appreciate the incredible body art that others have chosen to adorn their bodies forever. Our friends at Mamas Uncut love to crawl the internet looking for cool, interesting, unique, and even extremely wild tattoos (and piercings) to share with their readers, and it always yields incredible and impressive results. Here are a few of our favorite recent tattoos from Mamas Uncut. Aren’t they great?

Or Don’t

25 Glitch Tattoos That Showcase This Emerging, Trippy Trend
@elkin_rivera (Source)

Conversely, the glitch skull can also be tattooed to look as if it’s mocking you. As you can see, this skill is a bit more detailed than the last which makes the waves through it appear even more dramatically.

Solve It

25 Glitch Tattoos That Showcase This Emerging, Trippy Trend
@painfullblack (Source)

Here’s another melty glitch tattoo of a Rubik’s cube that has seen better days. We love the idea of the everyday object or toy being elevated to art and this certainly delivers on that brief.

Romance is Dead

25 Glitch Tattoos That Showcase This Emerging, Trippy Trend
@leshalauz (Source)

“Drowned in wine,” the person who shared this image captioned it. We find a cartoonish heart and wine glass here obscured by a strange bit of pixelation that incorporates the person’s own skin tone into the mix. A wild ride!

Pretty cool tattoos! There’s more where those came from too. Head over to see the full list of tattoosjust like this at Mamas Uncut, and be sure to take a second and see what other tattoo posts catch your eye and spark some inspiration!

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