The NFL Players Association has officially agreed to a collective bargaining agreement that will shape the landscape of the NFL for years to come. The players association is based on democracy, and the CBA was put into action by a narrow margin, with a total of 1,019 votes yes to 959 votes no.

Because the players association was nearly split in half on this decision, many NFL players are disgruntled and irate. And many have taken to twitter to express their emotions.

A New NFL CBA Has Some Players Very Upset

This agreement drastically changes the playoff format, with 14 teams now being eligible for the post-season, and only the top seed in each conference getting a bye. While this change will have serious implications for the future, the more dramatic and controversial change is a new 17 game season.

This new 17 game season can go into effect in 2021, and is optional based on the NFL owners desires. Given that the NFL is a business, it is pretty much a guarantee that in two seasons this adaptation will be enabled.

It seems that the majority of the players’ frustration comes from this added game, and the health risks which result from it. While there will be a small boost in salary on average, a large portion of players still feel dissatisfied with what they received for this extra game.

As Chicago Bears wide receiver Allen Robinson wrote on Twitter, some think the change to the game is “trash, freaking trash.”

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