Alex Rodriguez Doesn't Care If You Think He's Embarrassing Himself on TikTok—It Means Time With His Daughters

Alex Rodriguez Doesn’t Care If You Think He’s Embarrassing Himself on TikTok—It Means Time With His Daughters

Alex Rodriguez Doesn’t Care If You Think He’s Embarrassing Himself on TikTok—It Means Time With His Daughters

If you follow Alex Rodriguez on any of his social media platforms odds are you’ve seen him dancing with his two daughters and sometimes his soon-to-be wife, Jennifer Lopez, and her daughter, Emme. In an interview with People, the retired MLB star said his daughters 12-year-old Ella Alexander and 15-year-old Natasha Alexander have inspired him to be more open to new things.

One of the things is the world of TikTok, a world that encourages him to dance on camera—something the athlete is definitely not used to doing. And while it may have been out of his comfort zone at one point in time, the proud father admits he “certainly enjoy it” now.

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“I mean, anytime that I can do things that are really important to [them] and that they’re passionate about, I’m always up for it. I’m always available to make a fool out of myself for a few extra laughs.”

In fact, Rodriguez admits that being a Girl Dad has made him agree to things he would have never agreed to if it wasn’t solely to make Ella and Natasha happy. “…It’s funny the amount of things that your daughters make you do and how I agree to them. It’s all in good fun and I think a lot of people get a lot of laughs out of our dances.”


Brought the girls to work with me so we had to do a dance to celebrate 😂 how’d I do?! @jlo

♬ original sound – AROD

He often seeks the approval of his fiancée Jennifer Lopez, someone who is very well versed in the art of dance and performing in general. And it’s not just dancing the father and his daughters do together. They also love to cook, Rodriguez told People.

“They usually try to throw me out of the kitchen! It’s not where I do my best work, and they’re quick to remind me of that.”

But that’s okay with him if it means at the end they get to sit down together as a family and enjoy a home-cooked meal, something they have been getting to do a lot more lately because of the pandemic. How sweet is that?

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