Former NFL Superstar, Antonio Brown Placed Under Two Years of Probation and Hints at a Return to the NFL

On January 21, 2020, Antonio Brown was accused of throwing a rock at a driver’s moving truck after he and the driver got in an argument over the payment. Brown then paid the driver for the moving service but refused to pay for the damage to the truck which resulted in another argument that escalated to Brown forcefully entering the vehicle, where he proceeded to strike and rip the shirt of the truck driver.

Antonio Brown 4th Team
@ab Big 4X Soon #CallGod (Source)

Carson Hancock, Brown’s Lawyer, said “Antonio’s case resulted from a misunderstanding concerning the payment of costs for the moving of Antonio’s family from California to Florida.”

7x Pro Bowler, Antonio Brown, pleaded no contest on Friday to felony burglary of a vehicle, misdemeanor battery, and misdemeanor criminal mischief.

Assuming Antonio Brown successfully completes his two years of probation, 100 hours of community service, a psychological evaluation, and a 13-week anger management program, his felony will not be added to his record.

Hancock, explaining why Brown took the no-contest plea said, “rather than engage in a protracted legal case, Mr. Brown decided to resolve this matter in an expeditious manner in consideration of his family and his football career.”

Antonio Brown Probation
@ab I want to express gratitude to my mentor/ friend/ father figure Deion Sanders for taken time out of his busy life in these trying times to give me some guidance. I am deeply humbled and indebted to the knowledge you given me. Being around yourself and family helped me in so many ways it unimaginable. As black men we don’t usually reach out for help and we keep things bottled up. I appreciate the time. I appreciate the knowledge. I appreciate the love. My eyes have reopened and your words have me more focused than ever. I
now see that Antonio is just as Great as AB. I just needed to prove that to myself ! Rest In Peace Now and Forever
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Brown, who still remains a free agent in the NFL because of the destructive risk he carries with him, is allowed to travel for work purposes. 

Brown recently hinted on Instagram that he would be re-joining the NFL, posting “big 4x soon.” Since Brown has previously played for the Steelers, Raiders, and Patriots, the “4x” appears to represent what would be his 4th team. However, this post is most likely just Antonio Brown trying to attract more attention to himself.

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