Damon Choy

Damon is the CEO and Founder of At the Buzzer. He is a student at the College Preparatory School. Damon has been a sports writer for over one year. He is a NBA, NFL, and NCAAM analyst, fan, and writer.

Chris Jones, NFL Superstar, Signs 4 Year Contract Worth $80 Million

The Kansas City Chiefs have been making some serious moves this offseason. After signing Patrick Mahomes to a 10 year extension, with a value of up to $503 million, the Chiefs have just locked in another key piece for years to come. Chris Jones has agreed on a four year contract with Kansas City.

LeBron James Decides to Not Put Social Justice Message on Jersey

The NBA is giving players the opportunity to show their support of different social justice movements via social justice messages on the back of their jersey, replacing what would commonly be their last name. However, LeBron James announced that he will forgo this opportunity, and instead simply have “James” on the back of his jersey.

NFL Kicker, Aldrick Rosas, Arrested for Hit-and-Run Charge

Aldrick Rosas, the kicker for the New York Giants, was arrested on Tuesday for a hit-and-run charge as well as driving with a suspended license. Rosas got into a T-bone collision at an estimated 100 miles per hour with a Ford pickup truck. Spectators state that Rosas ran a red light prior to the accident.