Olympian Bode Miller's Wife, Volleyball Player Morgan Miller Opens Up Two Years After Her Daughter's Accidental Drowning

Olympian Bode Miller’s Wife, Volleyball Player Morgan Miller Opens Up Two Years After Her Daughter’s Accidental Drowning

On June 10, 2018, Bode and Morgan Miller‘s daughter, Emeline Grier, lost their daughter to an accidental drowning accident. Now on the 2-year-old anniversary of her passing, Morgan is opening up about what the last two years have been like.

According to People, Morgan took to her Instagram story to share how they’re making sure Emeline’s younger twin siblings who were born after her passing are safe around any swimming pool they go by.

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The mother started her story by sharing a photo of Emeline with the message, “How has it already been two years? Today was the last day I heard you say mama. Today was the last day we walked hand-in-hand. Today was the last day … I miss you.”

Morgan then shared videos of their 7-month-old sons Asher and Aksel learning how to swim. However, her message was still directed at their Emeline.

“Your brothers turned 7 months yesterday. You would have loved being their big sister Earth side.” Emeline was just 19 months old when she passed. And ever since Bode and Morgan have become advocates for swimming lessons for children at a young age.

Last year, Morgan shared a series of photos of their baby girl along with a message about their advocacy. “Almost one year ago, on June 10th, Nicole Hughes and I became accidental advocates for water safety when we both endured a parent’s worst nightmare…we lost our babies to drowning.”

“Since then, we have partnered with the aap @healthychildrenaap along with many other incredible organizations to eliminate this preventable tragedy. In an effort to protect parents’ hearts and families futures from enduring one of life’s unthinkable events, we continue to spread awareness. Did you know that drowning is the NUMBER ONE cause of death for children under 5? Did you know that most drownings happen during non-swim times when you think your baby is playing on the family room floor?”

She then encouraged other parents to “be vigilant, be aware and be a voice to spread awareness.”

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