Bronny James Reportedly Had Surgery On Torn Meniscus

Bronny James Reportedly Had Surgery On Torn Meniscus

Bronny James Reportedly Had Surgery On Torn Meniscus

Bronny James, son of LeBron James, plays basketball in California just like his dad. The only difference is pops is in the NBA and Bronny is in high school, working on getting to the league. Another difference right now is that LeBron can actually play competitive ball in the NBA whereas the California high school basketball season was postponed.

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According to a detailed update by MaxPreps’ Jordan Divens of where high school basketball stands in the US: “43 states have kicked off their seasons”. That leaves seven states who haven’t started its season and you guessed it, California is one of them. California, West Virginia, District of Columbia, New Mexico, Washington, and Oregon all have scheduled start days, whereas Hawaii and Nevada cancelled its seasons all together per MaxPreps. Divens listed California’s start day of the high school basketball season as March 12.

You probably know by now but the James family seemingly has been in Cleveland (when LeBron was with the Cavs), Miami (Lebron with the Heat), and now LA (LeBron with the Lakers). If Bronny were still in Ohio or Florida, he’d be able to play per that MaxPreps list.

As high school administrators figure all this out, there’s some recent news to share regarding Bronny James and his meniscus.

ESPN reports that the injury happened at a practice: “Bronny James suffered a torn meniscus in his knee at a practice earlier this month and had surgery to repair it, sources confirmed to ESPN on Thursday (February 25). James is a sophomore at Sierra Canyon School, which hasn’t played any official games this season due to the COVID-19 pandemic but has plans to play a spring basketball season.”

ESPN stated LA Daily News “first reported that Bronny James required surgery for the injury”.

Los Angeles Daily News’ Tarek Fattal reported that James “is expected to make a full recovery. The injury, which happened roughly three weeks ago, is believed to be season-ending, one source said. But it might depend on the status of high school basketball in California, which has yet to permit indoor high school competition, including basketball and volleyball.”

Many people sent their well wishes Bronny’s way in the comments of his most recent video posted on Instagram.

We hope Bronny has a safe and healthy recovery and that he’s able to get back on the court when the time is right! In the meantime, we’ll see when completive high school basketball actually tips off in states like California.

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