Camille Herron Ran For 100 Miles and it Shockingly Doesn't Count as a World Record

Camille Herron Ran For 100 Miles and it Shockingly Doesn’t Count as a World Record

In February of this year, track and field athlete Camille Herron ran for 12 hours, 41 minutes, and 11 seconds in what was believed to be a 100-mile, world record-breaking course. But, after the track was remeasured, her record is no longer recognized.

The 40-year-old ultrarunner initially won the Jackpot Ultra Running Festival 100-miler in Henderson, Nevada, and was believed to set a world-breaking time. Running at a 7:37-per-mile pace, she beat the second-place finisher and first male athlete, Arlen Glick, by approximately 30 minutes. Despite her substantial accomplishment, the track was remeasured in October and seemed to be off by approximately 716 feet. Due to this technicality, the USA Track & Field committee no longer recognized her world record accomplishment.

“I set a world record in that race, and now they’re telling us that we don’t know whether the course was 100 miles or not,” Herron said in a statement issued by The Washington Post. “So it’s been very upsetting to me the past several months. I’ve had races since then, and this has weighed heavy on me and impacted my performances.”

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Despite objecting to the findings and arguing against the accuracy of measurements made eight months after a race by race director, Ken Rubeli, the chair of the USATF Road Running Technical Council has insisted that the scores cannot be counted because the event “produced a course less than the 100 miles,” which is against the rules.

Camille Herron’s race does not coincide with USATF ‘certified’ course lengths

The USATF “decided not to ratify the record because the course was changed from what was certified,” David Katz wrote. In addition, Brandon Wilson, a World Athletics measurer with an A rating who measured the course in October, issued a statement that argued against Herron’s accomplishments.

Wilson shared in his report, “Due to overwhelming documentation, photos, first-hand accounts, and live video coverage of the race this fact is not in dispute, no runners in any contest ran certified courses on race day.”

With all this being said, Herron still believes she broke the record in February. With that race possibly being the last chance she had to run the race, Herron is still proud of her performance.

“I hope I get another opportunity at the record, but I may not — you don’t know what the future hold,” she commented. “So this is highly impactful on me and my career. I mean, I’m 40 years old, you know. My time is now that I’m in the best shape of my life. And, I mean, these moments can be fleeting. I put my heart and soul into that performance, and it was such a big deal for the sport and the history of the sport that it needs to count.”

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