Brittney Griner Honored w/ Applause During 2023 NAACP Image AwardsCherelle Griner's 1st Instagram Post Since Her Wife Returned Home is Heartwarming

Cherelle Griner Discusses Her Wife’s Harrowing Prison Sentence: ‘She’s 100% Not Okay’

During the Glamour’s Women of the Year Awards on Tuesday night, Cherelle Griner opened up about her wife, Brittney Griner, being detained overseas in a Russian prison.

“I’ve spent the last eight months riding waves of grief and to be honest, total disbelief,” Cherelle said, discussing the emotional impact that losing Griner has had. “I can’t believe that I’m standing in front of you guys today and living without my favorite person, my greatest love, my sanctuary.”

Cherelle Griner Discusses Her Wife's Harrowing Prison Sentence: 'She's 100% Not Okay' – During the Glamour's Women of the Year Awards on Tuesday night, Cherelle Griner opened up about her wife, Brittney Griner, being detained overseas in a Russian prison.
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In February 2022, the WNBA player was taken into custody by Russian officials when airport security found marijuana cartridges in her luggage. She spent months detained, patiently awaiting a trial, and unsure of what the future had in store for her.

However, when she finally presented her case to a Russian court over the summer, she was convicted of drug possession and sentenced to nine years in prison.

Since the incident, the United States government has been working hard to bring the basketball legend back to American soil. Following her sentence, attorney’s requested an appeal of her charges, which was later denied. As of now, no one is sure when the WNBA player will return home.

Pre-Trial Detention of Brittney Griner Extended Another Month
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Cherelle Griner encourages written letters to support Brittney

In the midst of the ceremony, Cherelle also voiced a heartfelt message dedicated to her wife. “Babe I’m missing everything about you. Especially your friendship,” the law school graduate began. “I catch myself picking up my phone, only to sit it back down because your voice is the only voice I want to hear.”

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Russian Basketball Testifies in Support of Brittney Griner and Other Statements Made About This Case
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“I’ll likely talk your ear off once you’re home. I know your heart is heavy right now babe. I wish you were here to feel all the love that surrounds you. You are not forgotten,” she continued. “So, keep your head up champ. This too shall pass! I love you and I cannot wait for the day that I get to embrace you! Love, Relle.”

In addition, Cherelle relayed that the support of fans across the world means the world to Griner. While she awaits her return to the United States, the basketball star is encouraged by letters from fans. According to her wife, it makes a very large difference in keeping her spirits up.

“She is 100% not okay, and there is little I can do to ease her pain. But I believe from the bottom of my heart that while I can’t bring her back, words can make a difference,” said Griner’s wife.

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