Musician And Poet Cody Simpson Qualifies For Olympic Trials As A Swimmer

Musician And Poet Cody Simpson Qualifies For Olympic Trials As A Swimmer

Musician And Poet Cody Simpson Qualifies For Olympic Trials As A Swimmer

Cody Simpson is a musician, a poet, a UN Development Program ocean advocate, and now officially a qualified Olympic trials swimmer. Simpson shared his excitement over the recent accomplishment on Instagram.

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“I just qualified for my first Olympic trials,” Cody Simpson said in an Instagram post. “I’d love to share this personal milestone and let you in on my current journey as an athlete that I’ve kept relatively low key until now. Growing up competing, and then inevitably having to cut my career short as 13-year-old Australian champion when I was given an opportunity in music that I couldn’t refuse.”

The singer and poet has a successful music career along with advocating for environment and “oceanic matters” at the United Nations that he went on to mention in the post.

“I have had the chance to experience and learn so much as a musician from touring around the world, releasing albums, performing as a leading man on Broadway, publishing a work of poetry, traveling with and speaking at the United Nations on environmental and oceanic matters and much more,” Simpson said. “For this I will be forever grateful. Now almost exactly 10 years later, here I am once more.”

You may even remember Simpson from songs like this:

But, there was a burning desire within the musician to go back to a sport he’s always loved, swimming.

Simpson said “for years (he) had been (fueled) by the silent fire in my stomach of returning to the sport of swimming, with the idea that 2020 would be the year I’d try training again.”

Simpson talked about being back in the water for five months practicing with coach Brett Hawke.

“I was able to take out a win and secure a spot at next years Australian Olympic trials in the 100 fly,” Simpson said. “It is my greatest ambition to expand the limit and perceived notion of what’s possible for someone to achieve in a single lifetime, and I’m here to tell you can do absolutely ANYTHING if you are willing to work for it. I’m looking forward to seeing where this all takes me on the long road ahead! 🇦🇺”

Michael Phelps took notice and commented on the post, saying: “…Congrats mate!!”

Congrats, indeed to Simpson. Shout out to him for chasing his dreams and encouraging others that if they’re willing to work hard for it, they can achieve anything.

Just recently, in fact, the swimmer released a song called ‘Christmas Dreaming’. So, here’s that song to close out this article with Christmas just around the corner as you embark on chasing your dreams, as well.

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