Coke, Pepsi, And Budweiser Won’t Have 2021 Super Bowl Ads

Coke, Pepsi, And Budweiser Won’t Have 2021 Super Bowl Ads

Coke, Pepsi, And Budweiser Won’t Have 2021 Super Bowl Ads

Who out there watches the Super Bowl just for the commercials? The Super Bowl is a time where people from all backgrounds, sports fans and non-sports fans alike, come together to watch the big game. But, let’s be real, for some of you, it’s just for those advertisements.

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Those Super Bowl ads can range from hilarious where we all get a few good laughs to touching and emotional where we need that shoulder to cry on.

They also have been getting more and more expensive to air.

In 2020, “the cost for 30-seconds of ad time in the game… (hit) $5.6 million” according to AdAge. Excuse me, what?

This year, in 2021, AdAge said “the cost for a 30-second ad unit is remaining steady from last year at around $5.6 million”.

Yeah, that’s a good chunk of money.

Whether or not these major brand campaigns could afford it this year, some companies are choosing to go a different route.

PepsiCo. is still sponsoring the halftime show festivities but “won’t be advertising its biggest brand, Pepsi, in order to focus on its sponsorship of the the halftime show” according to the AP.

And “for the first time since 1983…Anheuser-Busch…isn’t advertising its…Budweiser brand during the Super Bowl. Instead, it’s donating the money it would have spent on the ad to coronavirus vaccination awareness efforts” according to the AP.

Anheuser-Busch still has a lot of its brands in the ad lineup, though. They have “four minutes of advertising during the game for its other brands including Bud Light, Bud Light Seltzer Lemonade, Michelob Ultra and Michelob Ultra Organic Seltzer” per the AP.

Other big name brands you may have become accustomed to during the Super Bowl will also not have ads this year.

“Coke, Audi and Avocados from Mexico are sitting out the game altogether” according to the AP.

What’s your favorite Super Bowl commercial?

Let me know in the comments.

Oh and that actual game if you didn’t know by now Super Bowl commercial fans (NFL fans you already know), here’s the two teams facing off: Patrick Mahomes and the defending champs Chiefs vs Tom Brady and his new team not-named the Patriots, the Buccaneers.

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