Connor McGregor And Dee Devlin Expecting A Little One In 2021!

Connor McGregor And Dee Devlin Expecting A Little One In 2021!

Connor McGregor And Dee Devlin Expecting A Little One In 2021!

Many are looking forward to a new year in 2021, being refreshed and holding on to hope, in what’s been a tumultuous 2020 for many. To fight the good fight and stay the course in a journey that’s shown tremendous amounts of adversity.

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For Connor McGregor, there’s a lot planned for the next year, including literally fighting. You may know in the octagon, he’s planning on fighting again in 2021, coming out of retirement.

For McGregor and his family, they have “so much to look forward to in 2021 👶”.

Yes, that’s a baby emoji. Connor and Dee Devlin are expecting!

The MMA fighter made the huge announcement in this Instagram post:

“Happy Christmas everyone, from my family to yours ❤️,” McGregor said.

You can see in the post a little ultrasound! How precious.

According to People, McGregor “and his fiancée Dee Devlin are expecting their third child together”.

You know what they say, three’s a company. For this entrepreneur, he’ll have not just a company but a whole family corporation by the end of 2021!

What an incredible little blessing for this family as they embark on the new year together.

“Christmas with family ❤️,” McGregor said. “Hope everyone had a good day today, and remember that if it was not a good day, that it is just a day, and tomorrow is an all new day again! Good luck and God Bless to everyone out there 🙏.”

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