Dad Calls Traveling Violation on His Young Son During a Pick-Up Game of Basketball and He's NOT Having It

Dad Calls Traveling Violation on His Young Son During a Pick-Up Game of Basketball and He’s NOT Having It

“WHAT! That’s not a travel!”

It’s no secret that Jalen Allen loves basketball and for being just a little guy, his fundamentals are not something that should be laughed at. He is also extremely passionate about the game.

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In the Allen household, the family has a play hoop set up in their home. From time to time, Jalen and his older brother play one-on-one games while their father acts as the referee.

During a recent game of one-on-one, Jalen showed off his talent by driving it straight to the hoop for two. After successfully executing the lay-up against his big bro, the son confidently walked back to the top of key.

However, as he was doing so, Jalen’s father called a travel and then proceeded to catch Jalen’s reaction to the violation on camera.

Take a look:

As the video plays, Jalen is very confused and frustrated that he was called for traveling. At one point, Jalen calmly asks his brother if he too thought he had traveled.

When his brother agrees with their dad, Jalen goes off again saying, “Why are you calling that a TRAVEL?” As his dad admitted in the caption, “Jalen has to work on his relationship with the refs! Jalen doesn’t think he EVER travels!”

Regardless of his adorable “temper,” people are loving how passionate Chris’s youngest son is about the sport he so clearly loves. “Must have a future in the NBA then, will fit right in,” one commenter wrote.

“The passion! Definitely ready for the league cause they never think they travel or foul but they definitely get bucks,” another shared.

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