25 Dad Hacks That Range from Genius to Hilarious

25 Dad Hacks That Range from Genius to Hilarious

25 Dad Hacks That Range from Genius to Hilarious

Dads have a couple of qualities that tend to go hand-in-hand: laziness and ingenuity. Or perhaps laziness is the father of all invention? Whatever the case may be dads find some of the most interesting ways to tackle many of parenting‘s little problems. We decided to take a deep dive into the world of dad hacks that real dads have actually tried.

From disguising themselves as mom to using a diaper as a napkin, fathers never cease to amaze. We’ve found some of the most innovative hacks and also some pretty ridiculous and even cringe-worthy ones to give you a good mix of the possibilities of the dad hack, as well as, what we consider to be actual dad-fails. There’s a lot of inventing and reverse-engineering going on! Here are 25 dad hacks that will either make you say “a-ha!” or at least make you laugh.

A Balancing Act

Here’s a very basic dad hack that does show a level of finesse. While this dad isn’t reinventing the wheel, he has managed to keep a pair of twins happy and fed. Bravo!

How to Wear a Baby

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This photo perfectly sums up why you should "wear" your baby the next time you're traveling! 😂 #dadlife Thank you @buddylicious21 for this #pictureperfect photo Even if you're a stroller parent, bring the Carrier as well through the airport! It's great to have as the main use or as backup! Top 5️⃣ reasons to wear your baby through the airport: 1️⃣ Free hands! Look at this dad eating with BOTH hands! Not only that, but with Free hands means you're still able to pull your suitcases, get through security easier (with baby still in carrier!) and board the plane smoothly. * 2️⃣ Nap time benefits – if you're lucky enough to have a sleeping baby on the plane, it'll be nice for you and them if they can sleep on you in your carrier. Again, means free hands to eat, drink, read or whatever else you want to do! * 3️⃣ Soothing – if you're like me and have to sooth a crying baby on the plane, a carrier is much easier option than exhausting your arms to bounce, walk, and pat them to calm down. * 4️⃣The unexpected – listen, sometimes 💩 happen when you least expect it. Like when the stroller that was gate checked doesn't appear at the door of the airplane. Or layovers and they don't take out stroller for you. Or, worst, when your stroller gets damaged and can't unfold or there's a broken wheel etc. Luckily, you have the carrier as back up and won't need to carry your 30lb baby through the most complex airports (#heathrowairport Anyone?) * 5️⃣ Keeps everything and everyone away – if you're like me, I don't like it when strangers come touching my baby or get up close to their face. What if they're sick? Strangers are less likely to do so if they're snuggled up to your body. It also helps keeps your baby from touching and licking every thing else in the airport. * * * * * * #flyingwithbabies #worksmarternotharder #flyingwithbaby #flyingwithtoddler #dadhacks #wearingbaby #babyfirstflight #travelingfamily #travelingwithbaby #travelhacks #parentinghacks #traveltips #babyhacks #babytips #familytravels #wanderlust #parentinghumor #dadknowsbest #momhacks #lifewithababy  #travelwithease #babycarriers #babytravelhacks #dadhumor #travelingmom #parentinghacks  #babycantravel

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Who needs an overly complicated baby carrier when a t-shirt will easily get the job done. We bet that baby is snug as a bug under there. You’ll finally be able to enjoy eating with both hands again!

Garage Hacked

This baby bouncer can be completely retooled to work in just about any space. The towel underneath to keep the baby’s feet clean was a nice touch.

They Are Absorbant

This dad eating a burrito out of a diaper might be the worst thing we’ve ever seen? Sorry. This probably does work, but the idea of it is so unsettling.

A Snowman in a Canoe

We’ve all been there. Getting kids to eat can be a real chore that takes creativity to solve. The majority of parenting is just tricking your kids into doing what you want so turning a hot dog and rice into a sculpture is one way to go.

Dad Needs Juice

Because they don’t make dad-sized juice boxes, this dad has drilled a hole into the lid of a liter of orange juice, shoved a straw in it, and never looked back.

Mom Disguise

This parent borrowed his wife’s robe and then tied a picture of his wife’s face to the side of his head to get his daughter to chill out. “I just WISH we had thought of this in those early days!” he shared.

Floors Never Looked Better

This has become a classic meme in the dad hack community, but the idea behind seems about right. Keeping your floors constantly clean for a child is a pain. Problem solved!

Hair “Clip”

If this isn’t one of the most relatable images you’ve ever seen you must not be a parent or had a child with long hair. There are never, ever enough hair accessories and you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.

Sucker Guard

A plastic lid meant for a cup works in the reverse to keep your kids’ hands clean while they slobber on a lollipop. This one is pretty brilliant if it actually works. That child looks happy, either way.

New “Fanny Pack”

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Dior diapers #dadhacks

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Who needs a diaper bag? Just loosen your belt a touch and shove a wad of diapers in there. Perfect!

Meal Prep

The kids won’t be getting much nutrition but at least they’ll be happy. Meal prep is the biggest pain in the world and we felt this when we saw it.

The Old Salad Trick

Kids, in general, take issue with anything green. To keep them from ruining your enjoyment of a treat disguise said treat in lettuce. This is rather smart if you can pull off the con.

Make Them Work for It

“My toddler Loves peas…” one dad writes. “But I can never get her to eat her potato.” This is about the smartest thing we’ve ever seen. Let’s just hope his toddler doesn’t just pop them out and actually eats the potato.

Pedialyte Pops

“Protip: get your kids to drink Pedialyte by putting it into an Otterpop wrapper,” one dad explained. “It’s like a medicine popsicle. That one’s on me Pedialyte. The next one is gonna cost you.” Smart thinking!

This Vase

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Dads can find a way to make the best of any situation. This father couldn’t find a vase for the flowers he purchased for his wife, so he innovated.

This 6 Pack

The dad that shared this image explains that cardboard six-back containers make excellent baby bottle holders and organization tools. Okay!

The Breast Pocket

Genius alert! This dad cot a hole into a pocket t-shirt that would allow for a bottle to slip through. According to the dad it offers 50% more mobility which means 50% more productivity.

Soak Up the Sun

When you don’t want the top of your child’s head to get burned at the beach but you forgot the hat, you can use whatever you’ve got on hand. Do what it takes, dad!

Table Hammock

This father turned a table into a hammock which seems pretty fun for a child. The milkshakes being enjoyed here come with the experience apparently.

Helpful Tip

We’re not entirely sure why the concept of left and right is so difficult for children. Alas, you can “cut a sticker in half and place one in each shoe to help your little one quickly determine left from right!” This mom was so proud of her husband’s hack she had to share it.

Soup, In a Hurry

“When you need to speed things up,” this dad wrote. Drinking a bowl of soup through a straw seems wrong, but we won’t knock it if it gets nutrition into a child in a hurry.

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Helping Hand

For a fussy baby that needs some reassurance, consider turning a glove into a hand-shaped weight to bring them comfort. Okay! As long as this dad gets to finish his coffee, we’re all good.


“We’re the Manors,” the patriarch of the Manor family writes. “We have had to tether our remotes to the coffee table because we are irresponsible.” If you’re always losing the remote, why not?

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What Heatwave

This invention was born out of necessity. The dad who shared the image described that record-breaking temperatures inspired him to buy an ice cream cooler to stay cool. Dads, never stop dad-ing.

There you go! We hope you enjoyed these dad hacks and have some inspiration for how you will solve life’s next problem. Be brave! Be bold! You got this.

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