Dad Goes Viral After He Gave His Talented Daughter a Pep Talk After She Fell From Difficult Stunt

Dad Goes Viral After He Gave His Talented Daughter a Pep Talk After She Fell From Difficult Stunt

Dad Goes Viral After He Gave His Talented Daughter a Pep Talk After She Fell From Difficult Stunt

Roland Pollard and his young daughter Jayden Pollard have become quite the father-daughter duo on Instagram. Roland, a former cheerleader, has raised his daughter to love the sport as well.

In fact, at the age of four years old, Jayden is already better than most athletes four-times her age. And the world of social media can’t get enough of their brilliant relationship.

More recently, Roland shared a video of Jayden learning a new stunt. During her first attempt, Jayden made a mistake in the air causing her to fall. Thankfully, her dad was there to catch her but as a result, suffered a slight bump to the side of her head.

Watch the video below:

What transpired after the fall was a pep talk, which led to Jayden gearing up to try the stunt again, knowing that her dad is always going to be there to protect. And eventually, she nailed the stunt.

“That was kind of dangerous. So make sure you go for the right skill, okay? Because if I say full up and then straddle and you don’t straddle then you’re going to fall. But daddy will always save you. Daddy won’t let you hit the ground like that,” Roland told his daughter.

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“But make sure you follow instructions, okay,” he added before Jayden gave him a kiss and then tried it again. And while the stunt was impressive, people couldn’t get over how resilient Jayden is at just 4 years old.

“Bro I just saw this on theshaderoom and I am in awe!!!!! I have two daughters and this was everything,” one commenter wrote. “Your patience, commitment, compassion, and understanding spoke so loud in the few moments I witnessed! Keep raising up this Queen King! #WeLoveToSeeIt.”

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“So much respect for how you parent her, and so much respect for that little 4-year-old brain comprehending what needs to be done,” another person added. “Amazing. I love how she used your encouragement and instructions and keeps at it,” a third shared.

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