Dak Prescott Gives Injury Update On Way To Doctor: "I'm Doing Well...Can't Thank You Enough For All Your Love, Your Support, Prayers"

Dak Prescott Gives Injury Update On Way To Doctor: ‘I’m Doing Well…Can’t Thank You Enough For All Your Love, Your Support, Prayers’

In what’s been a tumultuous 2020 for everyone, the starting quarterback of America’s team, Dak Prescott, is giving an injury update after his season came to an end weeks ago. He also thanked those who’ve been supporting him.

Posting on IGTV, Dak Prescott, proudly repping his team with a Dallas hat, shared that he is choosing joy amidst these circumstances. “Looking forward to this football season, seeing the game in a different perspective and supporting my teammates and those around the league that need it,” Prescott said.

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Round 4!

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“And just excited for God’s purpose and God’s plan. I know it’s bigger than anything that I see or that I could’ve imagined. But, I’m trusting Him, my faith is doubled down more than ever, and I’m thankful that He’s my Savior and He guides me in life. So, I know through Him all of this will be possible and all of this will be a great comeback and a great story.”

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Prescott suffered a severe ankle injury a few weeks ago while playing the New York Giants, ending his 2020 season. But, that isn’t stopping Dak from starting his comeback and getting on the road to recovery.

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FAITH GodsPlan

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“In great spirits, headed to see the doctor, headed to see my leg for the first time post-surgery,” Prescott said. “So, just ready to start this road to come back. Know this little adversity is just going to be another chapter in the book. I’m excited to move forward and write it.”

Prescott took the time to also thank his teammates, family, friends, fans, along with current and former players in the NFL and athletes in different sports, as well. “Just want everyone to know I’m doing well. I can’t thank you enough for all your love, your support, prayers over the last few days. They’ve been more than overwhelming.”

“From teammates to family, to friends, to fans I don’t know, to former and current players around the league, players around all sports, [I] just wanted to say thank you…God bless you all!”

The two-time Pro Bowler was throwing the ball well so far this season with 1,856 yards, 9 touchdowns, and at a clip of 68-percent accuracy. When he comes back, the hope is that he’ll pick up right where he left off.

We saw what happened with Alex Smith, taking the field just last week, making an incredible, miraculous comeback after a severe injury. It can happen with Dak, too!

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