Sportscaster Dan O'Toole's 1-Month-Old Daughter Was Reportedly Never Abducted Police Say

Sportscaster Dan O’Toole’s 1-Month-Old Daughter Was Reportedly Never Abducted Police Say

Sportscaster Dan O’Toole’s 1-Month-Old Daughter Was Reportedly Never Abducted Police Say

On July 2, popular sportscaster Dan O’Toole took to Instagram to claim that someone took his 1-month-old baby, Oakland. At the time, the dad of three wrote, “My baby Oakland. I’m praying that whoever has you, is holding you. That whoever has taken you from me, is protecting you. That whoever has you, lets you come back into my arms.”

Hours later, the post was deleted and another was posted in its place revealing that Oakland had been located safely. At the time of his update, O’Toole revealed that “I have still not seen her or held her,” before addressing those criticizing the situation.

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“To those that decided to bash me during this ordeal, tell me this: have you ever looked in the eyes of your kids, and not been able to tell them where their sister is or when they will see her again? We are still broken. We may never be fixed again.”

According to reporter Travis Dhanraj, Oakland was with her mother, but it’s unclear why O’Toole didn’t know that. In response to Dhanraj’s tweet, the father wrote, “Hey Travis. First off, this is not a Durham police matter. Secondly, should the police maybe call me first once my child has been found?”

Now, more details of the debacle are coming to light. According to the New York Post, “the information provided to us was false, there was no such abduction,” a Durham Regional Police police contact said Saturday, referring to the initial O’Toole post.

According to a tweet by O’Toole that was also deleted, his 5-week-old daughter was supposed to be in his care. “A 5 week old baby. 5 weeks. A child that was supposed to be in my care. 5 weeks old. I’ve still haven’t seen a picture of her, let alone held her. Yet my character called into question? Attacked. Defamed. People ‘question’ the story? I have no words. I’m done.”

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Since then, O’Toole has been silent on social media. It’s unclear if since July 2 if O’Toole has been able to see or hold his newborn daughter.

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