Why DeAndre Hopkins Claims He is the Best Receiver in the NFL

DeAndre Hopkins was selected 27th overall by the Houston Texans in the 2013 NFL draft. Since his debut, Hopkins has been first-team all-pro the last three seasons. 

DeAndre Hopkins and Kyler Murray
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Although Hopkins has been great, he has lacked a consistent quarterback-receiver connection since he has had 10 different quarterbacks throwing to him during his 7-year career. 

Matt Schaub, Case Keenum, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Ryan Mallet, Brian Hoyer, T.J. Yates, Brandon Weeden, Brock Osweiler, Tom Savage, and finally Deshaun Watson have all thrown to DeAndre Hopkins. However, Hopkins has been by far the most successful with 2x pro bowler, Deshaun Watson.

On March 16, 2020, the Cardinals traded DeAndre Hopkins for Cardinal’s running back, David Johnson, and a second-round draft pick. 

This move boosted the Cardinal’s offense overnight. Now in his second year, Kyle Murray will have two of the best pass-catchers in the NFL, DeAndre Hopkins and Larry Fitzgerald.

DeAndre Hopkins when asked how he matches up against other great receivers, said “I know I’m the best.” 

Hopkins then explained why he has a slight edge over players like Michael Thomas and Julio Jones: “If I had Drew Brees my whole career… If I had Matt Ryan my whole career… Those guys are definitely blessed to be in a position where their whole career they had a Pro Bowl quarterback, a quarterback that they spent multiple seasons with.” Hopkins is explaining that unlike Julio or Thomas, he has never been able to play consistently with a great quarterback.

DeAndre Hopkins
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Thomas has caught balls from Drew Brees, a future Hall-of-Fame inductee his whole career. 

Julio Jones has caught balls from Matt Ryan, who won the MVP in 2016 and has always been an elite quarterback. 

However, DeAndre Hopkins has never had the luxury of getting comfortable and spending many seasons with a great quarterback like Mike Thomas or Julio Jones have.

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