Dee Ford Had Knee Surgery this Offseason, Will He Be Ready to Perform Come the Season?

San Francisco 49ers defensive end Dee Ford underwent extensive knee surgery following pain during the Super Bowl, but the question is: will he be feeling 100% come game time?

Dee Ford and the 49ers
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Ford, who was diagnosed with tendonitis, claims that his knee was hurt all season, but he did what he had to to play on it. In an interview with ESPN, Ford claimed he “feels great on it [his knee] now.” 

However, will this moment of health last? Tendonitis is a scary injury, as it is recurring. Just because his knee is fixed now does not mean it will not self destruct itself again. In addition to this, with the COVID-19 pandemic, Ford has not had a real chance to test his knee, as there have been no in-person practices since his surgery. 

Dee Ford
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Ford plays a very important role on the Niners defensive line. He complements Nick Bosa, the former defensive rookie of the year, and they together accounted for 24 sacks last season. The third member of the defensive line, Deforest Buckner, was traded away during the offseason, and replaced by a rookie in the draft. This means that Ford’s role will be amplified, as he will have to pick up some slack from Buckner’s departure.

Ford’s knee issues spread to his hamstring and quadriceps, and Dee Ford said that he has dealt with these issues across all six of his NFL seasons, however, he feels confident going into season seven.

Despite missing 5 games and playing just 226 snaps last season, Ford said he felt the game “slow down.” Ford claimed he could “see a lot more,” and that he was “a lot more confident.” Dee Ford is now excited for the 2020 season, as he hopefully will be able to produce for the Niners pain-free.

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