Amazing Dodgers Dad Holds Baby and Beer While Catching Foul Ball During April 30th Game

Amazing Dodgers Dad Holds Baby and Beer While Catching Foul Ball During Game

Los Angeles Dodgers fan and Glendale Fire Department engineer Steve Pettit was pleasantly surprised when he caught a foul ball while simultaneously holding a beer and his youngest daughter.

During their game against the St. Louis Cardinals, in which they defeated the opposing team 6-3, Los Angeles had more than just one win. With his baby strapped to his chest and a beer in his hand, one fan attending Dodgers Stadium proudly caught a foul ball with one hand. Unsurprisingly, the moment was widely celebrated across MLB circles.

“Dad’s making plays, nice,” the game’s announcer said, bringing attention to Pettit’s outstanding catch. “A beverage, a baby, and a baseball.”

The father almost instantly became a sensation on social media as well. Following the incredible moment, countless social media users took to Twitter to show their support for Pettit.

“This guy is gonna be an internet sensation/legend. This is like the 100th time I’ve seen this vid since it happened IRL today! LOVE IT,” one fan wrote in response to the viral video posted on the Dodgers Twitter page. Another Twitter user added, “He’s MVP!!!”

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In addition to Pettit himself and fans all around the world, his own wife was in utter shock when she noticed her husband had caught a foul ball while holding their shared child. According to Today, Misty Pettit commented, “I pulled my camera out and started to record the reaction because the crowd was going wild, which was really fun to see.”

Los Angeles Dodgers defeat St. Louis Cardinals

The catch was a result of St. Louis Cardinals shortstop Tommy Eldman driving a foul ball into the second deck down the first-base line. Although the team had a few successful hits throughout the duration of the game, they were ultimately defeated by the Los Angeles Dodgers.

According to Dodgers’ first basemen, their win was a result of proper fielding techniques and staying on top of the competition. “It felt like we manufactured all our runs today. We were able to move them over and drive them in,” Freddie Freeman shared with ESPN. “It was nice. You can’t always win games by hitting home runs.”

“We would have liked to put this together a lot quicker than we did. We were kind of just treading water the first few weeks. It’s nice to put it all together at the end of April and going into May,” he added.

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