25 Extreme Face Tattoos That You Need to See to Believe

25 Extreme Face Tattoos That You Need to See to Believe

Although tattooing today is considered pretty mainstream, facial tattoos are still a touch taboo. In fact, tattoos on the face, hands, or neck are often referred to as “jobstoppers” in tattoo parlance. Ink on the face, however, is just another form of self-expression. And some people take a person’s most visible attribute, their face and turn it into a work of art.

We decided to take a look at not just a small tattoo on the cheek! No, we wanted to find folks who had gone all-in on their face art. These faces are dipped in ink and radiate fun designs on just about every inch of the face. And, we do mean every inch in some cases (even the eyelids and eyes!). How do you feel about face tattoos? Take a look at these 25 people and their amazing ink and decide if it might be something that’s right for you!

He’s Always Awake

25 Extreme Full Face Tattoos
@zazzu.zazzu (Source)

Here’s an extremely colorful example of a person who is totally obsessed with ink. He’s covered every inch of the face including tattooing inside his ears.

The Barber

25 Extreme Full Face Tattoos
@sweet_zombie_jesus_ (Source)

The person who shared this image noted that they’re a barber by trade. You don’t say? We’re pretty sure we spot the word “barber” tattooed across his nose.

He’s Blue

25 Extreme Full Face Tattoos
@tattooedfacesquad (Source)

Even this person’s hair has been altered! We’ve got a ton of busy designs here from a geometric cube pattern on the side of the face to shapes radiating out from around the eyes.

She’s Blue

25 Extreme Full Face Tattoos
@ambs_luke09 (Source)

We’ve got another blue hair fan! This woman’s facial tattoos might not cover the entire face, but the boldness of the designs looms large. Here, we also find our first example of scleral tattooing (eye tattoos).


25 Extreme Full Face Tattoos
@psycink (Source)

We find more dye in the eyes here. It matches the bold black grey designs inked across the face and ears. The honeycomb pattern above the eye uses negative space successfully.

Signs of Growth

25 Extreme Full Face Tattoos
@kimsany_black (Source)

This gorgeous face tattoo is breathtaking. With both floral and celestial motifs, it dances across the face. On the top of the head, we find a grey, more muted design which really makes the sun shape shine.

Let’s Face It

25 Extreme Full Face Tattoos
@mr_deadmind (Source)

“Create yourself” is a good mantra! This individual is clearly taking it to heart as there are a number of bold, personal designs, as well as some intense facial piercings.


25 Extreme Full Face Tattoos
@tattoosbyjimminer (Source)

This closeup photograph reveals an entire world of intricate design flowing across this person’s entire face. Even the lips have some dazzle to them.

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

25 Extreme Full Face Tattoos
@devlin_616 (Source)

Blackout tattooing is a trend that people are really getting behind these days. This person has taken care to extend the design from her neck up onto the face. The result is a linear design that looks like rays of light.

A Collage

25 Extreme Full Face Tattoos
@tattooedfacesquad (Source)

For some, there’s no rhyme or reason for their face tattoos. Each one is just a small design that’s gotten picked up along the way. It looks like this individual is starting to run out of space!

No Face Tattoo

25 Extreme Full Face Tattoos
@616btl (Source)

What if you want your face to look like you don’t have a face? This very strange tattoo design makes it look like the skin is rotting right off!

Even the Lip

25 Extreme Full Face Tattoos
@jussiparadise (Source)

As you’ve probably noticed eyelids and lips aren’t off the table when it comes to extreme face tattoos. The geometric design on the side of his face carries right on across the lips while the line down the other side doesn’t miss the eyelid!


25 Extreme Full Face Tattoos
@yonah_krank (Source)

This very abstract design looks as if it’s comprised of soundwaves or barbed wire. The black, red, and purple color combination gives a vibrant intensity.

In the Eyes

25 Extreme Full Face Tattoos
@niko.in.nature (Source)

We’re not going to lie, the sclera tattoos are a bit arresting. This person’s very bold, face tattoo designs are carried right on through to the whites of the eyes, because, why not?

All Over

25 Extreme Full Face Tattoos
@abestattoo (Source)

This tattoo lover’s nose and eyes have mostly been spared here with minimal designs. This helps keep the face looking open, while still covering the rest with designs you love.

Living Live in Color

25 Extreme Full Face Tattoos
@kingofinkland (Source)

For most people, black and grey is the way to go for a face tattoo. But, that’s certainly not the case for everyone. This individual has leaned into colors and elaborate piercings to create their masterpiece.

Wearing Her Heart on Her Cheek

25 Extreme Full Face Tattoos
@aleksandrajasmin (Source)

Here, we find a more modest approach. With fun shapes like a heart and diamond, this look is a winner!

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25 Extreme Full Face Tattoos
@vadim.chernomorov (Source)

Well, no comment on the vampire fangs, but these two both are sporting some pretty intense face tattoos. One is full of color while the other is done in a deep, black ink.

Also Blue

25 Extreme Full Face Tattoos
@joukothestreetbarber (Source)

People with face tattoos apparently love blue hair! This very cool-looking individual has traditional style tattoos that look like they could be flash hanging about. There’s also a mandala-inspired shape that radiates from beneath the ear onto the cheek.


25 Extreme Full Face Tattoos
@totaltat9 (Source)

When in doubt, go all out! These very intricate designs are neatly done and cover just about the entire face and even the whole head.


25 Extreme Full Face Tattoos
@impermanence_tatu (Source)

The focal point of this person’s face is a repeating shape that extends from the hairline, over the eyes, and all the way to the jawline. We imagine this effect was difficult to do.


25 Extreme Full Face Tattoos
@laurentpnce (Source)

Wow! Black and red really do make a statement here. In what looks, almost like doodles, a design takes over the face and even extends to the ears.

Go All Out

25 Extreme Full Face Tattoos
@tattooedfacesquad (Source)

We venture to guess this tattoo enthusiast didn’t start out on the face, but rather they ran out of places to get tattooed. What a remarkable image.

Face Off

25 Extreme Full Face Tattoos
@freakyhoody (Source)

A popular motif found in Irezumi (Japanese tattoos) is sakura which are cherry blossoms blown by a storm. This person’s entire body is covered with it.

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25 Extreme Full Face Tattoos
@tattooedfacesquad (Source)

This person has added a touch of sparkle by way of face piercings or subdermal implants to make the design pop. All of the really beautifully colored ink help make this design a true inspiration.

There you go! 25 full facial tattoos that extend from ear to ear. These interesting forms of self-expression never disappoint. We hope you enjoyed these tattoos and might consider getting one yourself!

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