25 Extreme Full Body Tattoos That Shine from Top to Bottom

25 Extreme Full Body Tattoos That Shine from Top to Bottom

Embracing self-expression continues to be one of the predominant ways that modern individuals differentiate themselves from others. While tattoos were once associated with a counter-culture that deviated away from cultural norms, they have recently become much more acceptable and widely embraced. For instance, many of our favorite professional athletes sport sick ink.

Some folks just can’t get enough ink! If you have a tattoo, you know how addicting they are. Once you get one, it’s hard to stop! Need proof of it? We’ve got 25 folks with tattoos from head to toe that truly obsess over the art of tattooing. These individuals might have started with just one tattoo, but now it’s a whole lifestyle. Enjoy!

25 Extreme Full Body Tattoos That Wrap the Whole Body in Ink


Here, we find plenty of traditional style tattoos. There’s no real cohesive theme, but we are seeing a lot of animals in the form of birds, a wolf, an owl, and snails.


Done in mostly black and grey this full body tattoo extends all the way to the face. Go big or go home, right?


And you thought you loved flowers? This incredible full body tattoo encompasses all the skin and displays a gorgeous array of flowers.

Mandala Vibes

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. Dużo uśmiechu dziś dla Was mamy i tymże właśnie Was obdarzamy, abyście się także nim zarazili i z najdrobniejszych rzeczy cieszyli. Radość jest tak pozytywnym uczuciem i takim mega przyjemnym odczuciem, że w chwilach gdy śmiać się z czego nie wiemy, sami powodu poszukać możemy. Zależy to tylko od nas samych, od tego ile pomysłów mamy, czy kreatywni być potrafimy i na ile z życia korzystać lubimy. Każdy z nas jest swego życia malarzem, od koloru użytych farb zależy co pokaże, bazę wszyscy taką samą mamy, więc sami decydujemy co i jak mieszamy🎨. Jedni zostają przy barwach podstawowych, bo wolą korzystać z rozwiązań gotowych, inni sprawdzają, mieszają, kombinują i tym sposobem dużo nowych kolorów uzyskują🖼. Więc życie tych, którzy nie boją się ryzyka, może czasem poza ramy standardu się wymyka ale za to o ile jest ciekawsze i barwniejsze, a im bardziej kolorowe tym bardziej też radośniejsze. A gdy jeszcze do tego znajdziemy drugiego malarza, który podobnymi kolorami swój świat wyraża, razem możemy namalować wszystko co tylko chcemy, o czym marzymy i czego tylko pragniemy❤. @adrianna_scandal_queen #adriannaeisenbach #polishgirl #queen #inkedgirl #girlwithtattoos #tattoomodel #fullbodytattoo #facetattoo #handtattoo #tattoo #feet #stopy #mandalatattoo #mandala #braids #colorhair #fashionblogger #outfitoftheday #balenciaga #vetements #crazy #wroclaw #króloweżycia

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Mandala-inspired tattoo designs are extremely popular. This person certainly has an adoration for them as they’re tattooed from head to literally on the foot.


This full body tattoo has an Asian feel to it and we spot many motifs popular in Japanese tattooing. The tattoo extends all the way up the neck and even on to the face. Impressive!

A Mood

The person who shared this image included the caption “98% tattooed baby.” This dramatic tattoo features so many interesting designs we could stare at it all day.


If your core needs a little work, consider tattooing on a set of washboard abs? Okay. We don’t exactly know what’s going on here and that’s completely fine.

All Over

“Filler” in tattoo parlance refers to small tattoo designs that are no-fuss that fill in space between more intricate and detailed designs. This is a masterclass in it.

Fun in the Sun

Colorful ink certainly has its merits, but sometimes classic black and grey slays the day. Here, we find mostly abstract tattoos all over.


“Happiness is when the mind dances across the sea and the heart breathes salty air,” this person writes. We love the tattoos especially the statuesque figure on the left arm.


Traditional and neo-traditional tattoo designs make up this very detailed full body tattoo. You could get lost, gazing at these designs for hours.


Wow. We spot a great deal of very clean lines here. While the full sleeve arms are done in black and grey, the legs offer more variety with the inclusion of colorful inks.

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

The person showing off their tattoos here included the caption, “I think I got addicted.” Tattoos are so beautiful and expressive! It’s easy to go overboard.

Game of Thrones

You guys. This person has a full body tattoo inspired by Game of Thrones. Sure, there are some other designs going on but which stand out the most to you?

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Express yourself! There’s no rhyme or reason here and we love this person for it. Each design represents a mood or inspiration at the time of tattooing. Wonderful!


Skulls are extremely popular designs for tattoos. We must admit, however, that we’ve never seen a very large one over the entire torso.

Black Ink

Can you spot the death’s-head hawkmoth? Have you clocked the owl? These tattoos range from somewhat tribal-inspired to less abstract.

“My Body is My Journal”

“My body is my journal, and tattoos are my story,” this person captioned the photo. There’s still room to grow here, but these bold designs are wonderful.


Blackout tattoos have been trending for the last several years and it certainly seems like a painful commitment. It’s clear this person has no fear of the tattoo gun!


This tattoo of the Buddha is a stunner! Most of the tattoos on display here are done in classic black and grey, but the inclusion of white ink on the torso makes the design really glow.


Find yourself a friend who loves tattooing as much as you do! This pair has tattoos from head to foot.


We repeat, find a friend that will go all-in with you! These buds have matching back tattoos. Why not?

Kiss of Death


The backpiece here seems to be inspired by Día de Muertos. This dramatic tattoo is incredible.

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This person’s tattoo artist is a master of shading. We find some photorealistic designs here but the showstoppers are the beams of light and wisps of smoke. Remarkable!

A Look

It’s hard to tell where this person’s mesh outfit starts and her inked skin begins. This full body tattoo features big blocks of color and bold shapes. We are into this alt style.

There you go! 25 extreme full body tattoos that tell a story of individuality and self-expression. Could you go all the way like some on this list? We hope you feel inspired and might even consider incorporating similar styles and designs for your next tattoo.

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