NBA Player, Garrett Temple, Forced to Choose Between Newborn or Basketball

This past Wednesday, July 1st, the NBA officially ended the time allowed for players to opt-out of playing in the Orlando basketball tournament. 

Garrett Temple
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Small forward for the Brooklyn Nets, Garrett Temple says despite making the decision to travel to Orlando, he still feels a “nervous anxiousness.”

He admitted that “There is no way to be comfortable when you think about where you’re going to be, for the amount of time you’re going to be there and the restrictions that you have there.”

Temple believes that the players “Will have to adapt. We will get tired of it. But in no way, shape or form will anyone actually be comfortable, whether it be on the court or off the court, during leisure time or not.”

Garrett Temple entered the league with the Houston Rockets in 2009 after going undrafted in that year’s draft. 

Garrett Temple
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After playing in just 9 games for the Rockets, Garrett Temple jumped around from the Sacramento Kings, to the San Antonio Spurs, the Milwaukee Bucks, the Charlotte Bobcats, the Washington Wizards, the Sacramento Kings once again, the Memphis Grizzlies, the Los Angeles Clippers, before finally signing a two year deal with the Brooklyn Nets on July 8, 2019.

Despite ultimately deciding to play, Temple had a lot to think about, including the birth of his first child. His Fiancée, Kara McCullough, is expected to go into labor mid-September which is when the Conference Finals are scheduled to begin. 

Garrett Temple said he would leave the conference finals to be at his child’s birth, “I’m coming back to see my first child being born. That’s not even in the question.” However, since the Nets are currently the 7th seed in the East, the odds are stacked against them to make it that far in the playoffs.

Garrett Temple
@gtemp17 Happy Pre-Mothers day love!!! We are both anxiously waiting for his arrival but I KNOW you are going to be an amazing mom. Can’t wait to take this journey with you. ????
  P.S. If you want a link to the baby registry holla at ya boy lol

Garrett Temple believes that the decision to play has been tough for most players:  “A lot of people have had second thoughts. I would imagine more than half of the league, of the players that are going, have had second thoughts.”

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