Giannis Displays Incredible Act of Fatherhood for His 1-Year-Old Son

Giannis Antetokounmpo is a 2x MVP Player and NBA Champion—See His Amazing Reaction!

Milwaukee Bucks star, Giannis Antetokounmpo, has impressed the world during his performance in the 2021 NBA Finals. At the young age of 26, the basketball player is already a two-time MVP player, an NBA All-Star Game MVP, and most impressively, he is a big reason why the Milwaukee Bucks earned a championship title for the first time since 1971.

Giannis led his team to victory in the sixth game of the NBA Finals by scoring 50 points, 14 rebounds, and five blocks, which allowed the Bucks to beat the Phoenix Suns in a close game of 105-98. Excitedly, this is the Bucks’ first championship win in 50 years.

Undoubtedly, this win can be attributed to Giannis’ sportsmanship. The 26-year-old has earned a multitude of different MVP titles and was even declared this year’s NBA Finals MVP.

Giannis gets emotional after his increidble win!

After winning the game, the Athens-born athlete can be seen falling into a chair, unable to contain the assumedly happy tears that were coming from his eyes. Taking a minute to himself, he looks proud and ecstatic.

When the athlete walked into the postgame conference, he was spotted sipping from an entire bottle of champagne while carrying in his hand a celebratory cigar. ESPN reported his equally emotional explanation of why he is able to perform the way he does once the MVP sat down and took questions – he attributes most of his success to the people who have supported him throughout his life.

With tears in his eyes, Giannis spoke on behalf of his mother and father. He said, “She works extremely hard every day for me to be in this position, and she never pressured me to do other things. This is for my dad. He’s watching from above, and he can see it.”

He also went on to say that his tears are a response to his dedicated desire to win. “I can disconnect myself from the world because I want this so bad. And I was able to get it, that’s why I was tearing up. But, like, people helped me be in this position. I didn’t do this by myself. Every freaking day people helped me. I want to thank everyone,” explained the Greek basketball player.

Giannis is a 2x MVP Player - See His Amazing Reaction!
Giannis / Instagram

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Additionally, Giannis reflected on his basketball origins. He stated, “I started playing basketball just to help my family. Tried to get them out of the struggle, the challenges we were facing when we were kids,” before adding that he never imagined he would have been in this position. “I never thought I’m going to be 26 years old, with my team playing in the NBA Finals…I never thought I would be sitting here with this right here and this right here,” said Giannis, pointing to his two champion trophies.

At the age of 26, there is certainly more to come from this Milwaukee Bucks defense player. This will likely not be the last time the media reports an astonishing win from Giannis!

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