Happy First Day Of...NFL Minicamp! Washington Football Team Posts Back-To-School-Themed Pictures Of Players

Happy First Day Of…NFL Minicamp! Washington Football Team Posts Back-To-School-Themed Pictures Of Players

Okay, we all know that first day of school photo. Where you’re standing in front of your front door and mom, dad, older sibling, or guardian lines you up with that new backpack and 1, 2, 3…cheese! You’re first day of school picture is now a part of family history.

Scrapbooks, social media posts, watch out! The wide-grin with fresh anticipation of a new year, new friends, new opportunity, new subjects, new pencils, new backpacks or school clothes, new sports, a new season has arrived! And with that first day of school picture, it’s evident many kids couldn’t be happier.

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Well, it’s also a new season upcoming in the NFL and as players head back to cities where their respective teams are, one team decided to make a grand entrance by taking, you guessed it, first day of school pictures!

Washington Football Team started its “three-day mandatory minicamp Tuesday morning” according to the Washington Football Team. And per ESPN, these picture were, fittingly, on the “first day of minicamp”.

So here you go. Washington Football Team’s first-day-of school (NFL mandatory minicamp) pictures:

The team had special signs to write in what ‘grade’ or year in the NFL they’re playing in this season, who their ‘teacher’ or coach is, how old they are, how tall they are, and who their friends are.

This is brilliant!

Ryan Fitzpatrick‘s past his junior or senior year (if you’re counting K-12) as he’s on year 17. Shout out to him! A talented NFL quarterback who’s already on his master’s degree (if you’re counting 16 years of education as getting your bachelor’s degree). His friends he listed are Terry McLaurin and Curtis Samuel, whom he’ll continue to be getting to know pretty well throwing the ball to.

Terry’s friends are “the WRs”. Tress Way, the team’s punter, is in ‘eighth grade’ or year 8 in the league, and his friends he listed are “literally everyone”.

So, there you go. You’re even Tress Way’s friend.

Comment about what your favorite back-to-school picture was. Happy first day of…NFL mandatory minicamp!

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