Husband and Wife Baseball Players Hit Homeruns Off Each Other in Loving Battle

Husband and Wife Baseball Players Hit Homeruns Off Each Other in Loving Battle

When it comes to love and marriage, fun and healthy is competition is key, right? Well, that seems to be the key for this lovely and athletic husband and wife.

Riley Sartain-Vaughan is a former Texas A&M Softball player and current member of the professional softball team the Scrap Yard Dawgs. Her husband, Noah Vaughan, is a Minor League Baseball prospect for the Oakland Athletics.

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Currently, the young couple is engaged in a bit of a friendly battle. Due to COVID-19, their respective sports have been postponed because of stay-at-home orders.

So in order to stay in tip-top shape, Riley and Noah have been relying on each other for help. And as this video Noah shared on his Instagram shows, his wife was pitching to him so that he could get in some batting practice. And as a result, he happened to absolutely crush the ball.

And after he did that, in a bit of a show-boating moment, Noah flipped the bat in celebration. “When your wife’s pitching is the closest thing you can get to a live at-bat at the moment,” Noah wrote on Instagram.

However, one day later, Riley got her revenge. Similarly to her husband, while taking her own batting practice, she proved that it’s not just her husband who can hit absolute rockets.

And just like Noah did, Riley flipped the bat while she yelled, “Huh?” as her husband has to take a knee. “Lesson learned: Don’t bat flip your wife,” she wrote on Instagram.

As one commenter said, “Don’t ever flip a bat on your wife because she’ll just do it better.” Before another commenter added, “I think he learned his lesson.” Now that’s #relationshipgoals.

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