'I Hope Everyone Has A Happy And Healthy Thanksgiving': Kelly Stafford, Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford's Wife, Posting Local Businesses To Support, Apologizes For Calling Michigan Emergency Order A Dictatorship

‘I Hope Everyone Has A Happy And Healthy Thanksgiving’: Kelly Stafford, Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford’s Wife, Posting Local Businesses To Support, Apologizes For Calling Michigan Emergency Order A Dictatorship

‘I Hope Everyone Has A Happy And Healthy Thanksgiving’: Kelly Stafford, Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford’s Wife, Posting Local Businesses To Support, Apologizes For Calling Michigan Emergency Order A Dictatorship

On November 15, just over a week from Thanksgiving, Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Services issued a new emergency order that enacted a “three-week pause targeting indoor social gatherings and other group activities in an effort to curb rapidly rising COVID-19 infection rates”.

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The order, which was released in a statement on Michigan.gov, ended college and high school in-person classes, movie theaters and group exercise classes were closed, and restaurants and bars were to be open for outdoor dining, carry-out, and delivery only. The order was aimed at “limiting residential and non-residential gatherings where COVID-19 spreads rapidly”.

This came with mixed responses to an emergency order to, especially with it shutting down certain businesses and with Thanksgiving approaching when family and friends gather to celebrate.

“In the spring, we listened to public health experts, stomped the curve, and saved thousands of lives together,” Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer, said. “Now, we must channel that same energy and join forces again to protect our families, frontline workers and small businesses. Right now, there are thousands of cases a day and hundreds of deaths a week in Michigan, and the number is growing. If we don’t act now, thousands more will die, and our hospitals will continue to be overwhelmed. We can get through this together by listening to health experts once again and taking action right now to slow the spread of this deadly virus.”

One of many Michigan residents who was upset about this order included Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford‘s wife, Kelly Stafford.

Kelly reportedly called Michigan’s emergency order a dictatorship but then apologized for using that term afterwards as according to CNN Kelly said on Instagram: “I understand there’s a pandemic, and I understand it’s very scary. I’m scared of it, too. If you are at risk, do not leave your house until there’s a vaccine. But shutting down all these small businesses — things that people have worked their life for — shutting them down again is not the answer, because they will not make it. So once we are able to leave our house, once this dictatorship decides to let us have some freedom, there will be nothing left.”

Kelly then apologized on Instagram per CNN: “Alright, y’all, here’s what I do best: Coming back to apologize, after I read some of your things and I get grounded a little bit. I’m really sorry. I was in the heat of the moment. I have a friend losing her business. It’s just getting to me a little bit, so I apologize for calling it a dictatorship — probably a not so smart use of words. But yeah, I just want it to work for everybody, and I know it’s not going to work for everybody, and it just kills me to see people suffer a financial burden from losing their business, and also from getting sick. But I don’t know — I apologize.”

Then, just this week, Kelly issued another statement on Instagram, saying:

“Let me start with this — I am very sorry for what I said last week. I couldn’t have said it any worse. I know where my heart was, but no matter, it should have never been said. I was feeing frustrated and emotional…And in that moment, I said the wrong thing. In doing so, I overlooked so many important people that wake up every day to help all of us. Those in our hospitals — doctors and nurses — who are tired and scared, but put all of that to the side and continue to be relentless in fighting this pandemic every day. And the families who are watching their loved ones fight for the families who have a loved one who has lost the fight — I am truly sorry. I directed my frustration to the wrong thing. I used a word that made it political, when this, in the end, (is) about people. I do worry about people losing their businesses/livelihood and employees being laid off..not knowing how they are gonna get by but this on a grand-scale, is about the health and safety of everyone. Our family will do our part to help others through this and, as always, do what is recommended to keep people safe. Matthew and I know we have been blessed with a lot and we do our best to make an impact in our community.. much of which we do not make public because we feel like it takes away from the true act. We know people are hurting in so many ways this year and we will continue to do as much as we can to help as many people as we can in our community. This apology comes from my heart and I will do everything I can to try and keep those around us safe and help fight this pandemic. I hope everyone has a happy and healthy Thanksgiving. With so much love, Kelly

Kelly Stafford, statement on Instagram

Kelly’s also been posting and tagging local health and wellness businesses, restaurants, places for kids’ activities, retailers, and more local businesses to encourage others to shop and support local. She’s also encouraged people to buy first responders a meal if you see them in line and to “tell them thank you”.

Michigan leaders are conflicted over the order, reflecting sentiments shared Kelly previously, along with major disagreements over that sentiment arguing this order is for the utmost importance in keeping everyone healthy and safe.

“Yet again Governor Whitmer continues to show her contempt for the people’s elected representatives,” Laura Cox, Michigan Republican Party chair, said per WXYZ. “Instead of working with our elected representatives at the state and local level, she is trying a one-size-fits-all approach that will only exacerbate the issues our state and its economy are facing. Small businesses, particularly restaurants, cannot sustain themselves through another lock-down, and these new orders will certainly spell doom for the livelihood of many. I call on Governor Whitmer to reconsider her course of action and meet with our legislators to come up with a solution that works for all Michiganders.”

Laura Cox, Michigan Republican Party chair per WXYZ

“While were meeting in good faith, Gov. Whitmer was working on her own strategy that did not include input from the Senate Republicans and we see the result of her plans in this latest round of restrictions…We are disappointed that Gov. Whitmer chose to go it alone, again,” Michigan State Senate majority leader Mike Shirkey said according to WXYZ. “The Senate Republicans will continue working with our doctors and the medical community on ways we can combat this virus and are ready to work with the Governor when she decides to work as a team to fight this virus.”

“We stand with Governor Whitmer and support the steps she is taking to keep Michiganders safe,” Lavora Barnes, Michigan Democratic party chair, said according to WXYZ. “The complete inaction of the Republican controlled legislature over the last 8 months is shameful. Even more shameful is that while cases of COVID-19 are spiking and our health systems are overwhelmed, the State Senate, led by Republicans, is on a hunting break until December 1. The GOP’s irresponsible, unscientific, and dangerous approach to dealing with this virus is killing Michiganders every day. We continue to stand with Governor Whitmer and will hold Republicans across Michigan accountable for their need to play political games with the health and safety of our families and loved ones.”

Lavora Barnes, Michigan Democratic party chair per WXYZ

For more information from Michigan’s government on COVID-19, you can find it here.


When it comes to football, Kelly’s husband will be playing in the traditional classic NFL Detroit Lions game as they host the Houston Texans on Thanksgiving.

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