Kevin Bacon's INCREDIBLE Tribute to 7 Time Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady

Kevin Bacon’s INCREDIBLE Tribute to 7 Time Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady

Everyone is having an emotional reaction to NFL star Tom Brady retiring – even Footloose actor Kevin Bacon.

Earlier this month, Brady announced that he will be retiring from the NFL. “I played for the name on the front of my jersey and the name on the back of my jersey.

Kevin Bacon's INCREDIBLE Tribute to 7 Time Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady
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I played for my friends, my family, and our community – every single one of you – that have given me what I have today,” the former New England Patriot wrote in an Instagram post that addressed his NFL departure.

Considering he is one of the best quarterbacks of all time and has consistently shown near-superhuman abilities on and off the field, many are taking the news very hard.

We all cope with grief differently. Some people need time by themselves, a walk through nature, or maybe a chat with a friend. For 63-year-old actor Kevin Bacon, he chooses to express his emotions via musical means. As the world processes, Tom Brady’s departure from professional football, the actor wrote a song dedicated to the quarterback and posted it to Instagram.

Kevin Bacon's INCREDIBLE Tribute to 7 Time Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady
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Kevin Bacon shares on Instagram his ‘GOAT Goat’ song for NFL super star Tom Brady

“Here is a GOAT Goat song,” he stated at the beginning of the video. While strumming a ukulele and having multiple goats surround him, Bacon revealed the subject of his musical endeavor: the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback.

He sang, relaying a hidden musical talent for both singing and playing instruments, “Well he’s done amazing things and he’s got those seven rings, he’s a winner. Still looks good in football pants and he’s mostly eating plants when he has dinner. He’s a Brady.”

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The tribute was sung to the tune of Tom Jones’ 1971 hit song She’s a Lady and even received attention from notable singer-songwriters, Miranda Lambert and James Taylor. Bacon’s rendition continued when he sang the lyrics, “I thought he’d go away when he moved to Tampa Bay, I was mistaken.”

The song was then concluded when the actor expressed, “I’m just a Bacon.”

When posted on social media, the 64-year-old wrote in the caption, “Calling this a #GOATGoatSong..for a Tom @tombrady by a Tom @realsirtomjones. #GoatSongs 🏈🐐 Happy Sunday.”

Needless to say, Kevin Bacon deserves points for creativity and going above and beyond to celebrate America’s favorite football player.

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