NBA Superstar, Kevin Love, Reveals Startling Truth about Mental Health in the NBA

Everyone is going through something that we can’t see.” Kevin Love

Kevin Love was selected 5th overall by the Memphis Grizzlies in the 2008 NBA draft. Since then, Love has been an All-Star 5 times, an NBA Champion once with the Cleveland Cavaliers, and has won a gold medal with the United States in the 2012 Olympics.

On Sunday at the ESPYs, Kevin Love received the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage for his effort to destigmatize mental health issues.

Michelle Craske, a UCLA professor in psychology, psychiatry, and biobehavioral sciences expressed her gratitude towards Love, saying, “When heroes like Kevin come forward and share their vulnerability, it shines a light on anxiety and depression, and that helps chip away at stigma.”

On Monday, Love committed $500,000 to UCLA’s psychology department to help raise mental health awareness. “I want to thank Kevin for his leadership and his courage to share his personal story with the world. He has inspired and provided hope to many. Through his continued efforts, he is changing people’s lives,” added Craske.

After receiving the award on Sunday, Love said, “I hope one day we are able to erase the stigma around anxiety and depression, and we can only do that by improving diagnosis and treatment, fostering public conversations about mental health and encouraging people to see help when they need it.”

Kevin Love
@kevinlove “Be a little more public.”⁣

President Barack Obama gave that advice this past February while on a panel at All-Star weekend.⁣

“Set an example for the people.”⁣

A valued member of my team, whom I also consider a friend, said to me recently, “As an African American woman, the information you’re putting out there just doesn’t resonate with me. Deep breaths don’t help with racial trauma.”⁣

And she was right.⁣

I need to do better. Our work and resources need to explicitly address the challenges and trauma caused by inequality and racism.⁣

I know I need to make changes to my own organization and will do so immediately. We will start by creating a diverse advisory board to guide our work, we will partner with grassroots organizations that need our help most right now, and we will work alongside BIPOC-licensed therapists, and stand alongside communities of people that have been treated so unjustly for far too long.⁣

Today, we are honored to support two leaders who are directly impacting their communities and black youth by donating $100,000 grants to each. Chris Paul (@cp3) and his amazing work through the Chris Paul Family Foundation (@chrispaulfamfdn) to level the playing field in education, sports, and life. And President Barack Obama (@barackobama) and his mission to train the next generation of leaders through the @ObamaFoundation.⁣

We hear you. We support you. We will take action. And we will never stop learning.

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Love first began discussing mental health after NBA star, Demar DeRozan, talked about his personal experience with depression. Love talks about his family’s history of depression, along with his own struggles with mental health and the time he spends with a therapist. 

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