NFL Quarterback, Kirk Cousins Could Not Care Less About COVID-19, “If I die, I die”

On a podcast called, “10 questions With Kyle Brandtwhich appeared Wednesday but Cousins said was recorded in July, Vikings quarterback, Kirk Cousins, said “if I die, I die.” This sparked major backlash, and later Wednesday, Cousins spoke with reporters to clarify what he had earlier said.

Cousins who lives with his wife and two young sons was asked by Brandt to rate his level of concern with the Coronavirus from 1-10. 1 being “the person who says, ‘Masks are stupid, you’re all a bunch of lemmings,’  and 10 being “‘I’m not leaving my master bathroom for the next 10 years.’” Kirk boldly replied, “I’m not gonna call anybody stupid, for the trouble it would get me in. But I’m about a .000001.”

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Cousins elaborated saying, “I want to respect what other people’s concerns are. For me personally… If I get it, I’m gonna ride it out. I’m gonna let nature do its course. Survival-of-the-fittest kind of approach. And just say, if it knocks me out, it knocks me out. I’m gonna be ok. You know, even if I die. If I die, I die. I kind of have peace about that.

When asked Wednesday if the near 185,000 deaths in the US had changed his mind, Cousins said, “I think it was just the heart behind it was just saying that I have peace if that were to happen was all I was wanting to say.” Kirk in the podcast said that wearing a mask“is really about being respectful to other people.” He went into more depth Wednesday saying, “I want to be very respectful and considerate of everyone else. It’s a great opportunity to show that every day with the way you wash your hands consistently and wear a mask and are respectful of other people.”

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