Kyrie Irving Reportedly Helps Buy George Floyd's Family A Home

Kyrie Irving Reportedly Helps Buy George Floyd’s Family A Home

Kyrie Irving Reportedly Helps Buy George Floyd’s Family A Home

In a recent Basketball News’ The Rematch with Etan Thomas podcast, Stephen Jackson was a guest.

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They talked about a myriad of topics, including Jackson’s close friendship with George Floyd. Jackson and Floyd considered each other twins with how they appeared to look alike and maintained a close friendship since high school per Jackson on the episode.

Jackson said he would be his brother’s keeper and take care of Floyd’s daughter, to “make sure that her next days are her best days”, also mentioning a lot of his friends pitching in to help out the family.

One of those friends is a guy that goes by the name of Kyrie Irving.

Jackson said Irving bought the family a house.

Irving was asked about this in a virtual recent press conference when he returned back to the Nets:

“It’s a team effort, you know, just want to keep continue to fulfill our purpose in serving a lot of the underserved communities, those don’t necessarily get the same attention from just others around,” Irving said in the press conference. “So just trying to do my part. Selfless service, that’s all.”

Jackson said Lil Wayne‘s manager bought the family a Mercedes and Barabra Streisand bought them stock in Disney.

“I think God has definitely blessed her (Floyd’s daughter) and right now, she’s doing the best she’s ever done, she’s happy, we just wait for all this trial and stuff to get out (of) the way where she don’t have to keep reliving this situation,” Jackson said.

Jackson, in the podcast episode, also talked about how Floyd was just starting to get back on his feet in Minnesota where he changed his life, asking Jackson for clothes for job interviews for him and his friend, and talked about his work in the church. Jackson mentioned Floyd wanted to protect and provide for his family and change his life for his daughter and do better for her.

“His heart was always gold, he took a lot of steps as far as religion to try to bless his new journey,” Jackson said. “And that’s what hurt the family so much when he finally got to the point…where he was changing his life and taking steps, not just saying he was changing his life but taking steps to change his life, he gets (murdered) by police and that’s what hurt the most.”

“We both had big religious backgrounds and he always spoke about God…he wanted to change his life, he knew the only way he could actually get there is by having a relationship with a higher power it couldn’t be his homeboys….he dedicated himself to that,” Jackson said.

Jackson went in-depth on his cherished friendship with Floyd and talked about a lot more. Here’s the full episode:

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