Lamar Jackson: 'I Didn't Pull A Paul Pierce, I Was Cramping'

Lamar Jackson: ‘I Didn’t Pull A Paul Pierce, I Was Cramping’ After Record-Setting Monday Night Football Win

Lamar Jackson: ‘I Didn’t Pull A Paul Pierce, I Was Cramping’ After Record-Setting Monday Night Football Win

The Baltimore Ravens came away with a huge win that went down to the wire against a fellow AFC North team in the Cleveland Browns. The win catapulted the Ravens to now just sit a game below the Browns.

Here’s the highlights because we know it’s only been a few days and you’re ready for some football (yes, that’s a Monday Night Football reference):

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What a game.

But, it didn’t come without its form of (light-hearted) controversy. The Lamar cramps.

Lamar Jackson had to leave the field for reported cramps, wanted to get back in the game as fast as he could, rushed back to make it for a fourth-and-five, then threw a touchdown pass. You can see how it unfolded here:

Twitter got a hold of this and just ran with it because people thought he went to the bathroom. But Jackson was quick to justify what he had to run off the field for.

“I didn’t pull a Paul Pierce, I was cramping,” Jackson said in the postgame press conference.

“You talking about the story that they keep making up,” Jackson asked in a press conference this week, laughing. “…I was cramping, I was real life cramping. My hand, my throwing arm cramping, forearm cramping, fingers getting stuck together. My coach can tell it. I’m over there on the sideline, I’m getting mad. (The medical personnel, team doctor) can tell you guys…when I was in the back I’m like, ‘Man I got to get back on the field.’ I was going through it.”

“Calf (cramps)…believe me…(no lie),” Jackson said in a reply to someone joking about the situation.

Besides the jokes, this performance by Jackson on the field was no joke. The quarterback rushed for 124 yards, the most by a quarterback in Monday Night Football history according to the Ravens. Jackson also threw for 163 yards and that clutch touchdown.

Now, after Jackson came back from those cramps and threw that touchdown pass, the Ravens are still in the hunt for the playoffs. Next up for them are the Jaguars at home. And hopefully the Lamar cramps can go away by then.

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