Lamar Jackson Clocks In At Almost 21 MPH Trying To Chase Down And Tackle Taron Johnson

Lamar Jackson Clocks In At Almost 21 MPH Trying To Chase Down And Tackle Taron Johnson

Lamar Jackson Clocks In At Almost 21 MPH Trying To Chase Down And Tackle Taron Johnson

Mistakes happen. It’s a fact. And it’s all about how we respond to those mistakes. Do we just give up or keep going while staying the course and learning from them?

In Lamar Jackson‘s case, it’s evident he was upset after doing something he’s never done before (according to ESPN): throwing an interception in the redzone, then hustling to tackle the guy he threw a pick to.

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The Ravens were driving and looking to tie the game in the third quarter with :58 seconds left. It was third and goal on the Bills’ 9-yard-line and it looked like Jackson and the Ravens were going to punch this one in.

Jackson stepped back and Bills cornerback Taron Johnson picked it off. Not only did he intercept it, he ran past the Rams offense and took it back 101 yards for a touchdown. A 101-yard pick six.

According to ESPN, this was Jackson’s “first career red-zone interception. Entering Saturday night, he had 49 touchdowns and no interceptions in the red zone in his career…including (the) playoffs…”

“You just simply don’t see that underneath player but that’s not the story of that play,” Cris Collinsworth, NBC NFL analyst said during the replay of the broadcast. “Fine, you throw an interception, no big deal. But you have to get Taron Johnson on the ground.”

And the Ravens offense didn’t stop him.

But, you could see Jackson and some of his teammates trying to.

“Only Jackson can stop him now!” Al Michaels said during the play unfolding live on the broadcast.

The Ravens quarterback was a man on a mission to tackle Johnson.

If Jackson got to Johnson, there’d be no Bills defensive touchdown. Jackson almost got there as, according to ESPN, he “hit 20.66 MPH trying to chase down Johnson, whose max speed was 20.39 MPH on the play. It was the 3rd-fastest Lamar has been clocked in his NFL career.”

That reportedly third-fastest-time-he’s-ever-ran-in-the-NFL-type-effort shows he really wanted to get to Johnson.

If it wasn’t for a great block by Bills cornerback Tre-Davious White, Jackson probably could’ve gotten Johnson around the Ravens’ 45-yard-line. Instead, it all of a sudden became a 17-3 game and that’s what the final score would end up being with the Bills advancing to the AFC Championship.

You got to give it to Jackson for the extra effort. And after the Ravens franchise quarterback suffered a concussion during the next possession when they got the ball back, we just hope he has a healthy and speedy recovery to come back refreshed and ready next season.

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