LeBron James Partners With LA Dodgers to Make Dodger Stadium a Polling Location

NBA Lakers star Lebron James is partnering with the LA Dodgers in order to turn Dodger Stadium into a polling venue come election day.

James is operating under his initiative “More Than a Vote” which he created to combat voter suppression. The Dodgers, who have already volunteered their venue for COVID-19 testing and food distribution, were happy to help. CEO Stan Kastin voiced the importance of accessible voting and community service: “Dodger Stadium is part of the fabric of Los Angeles, and we’re proud to partner with the county to make the property available for the benefit of the community at large. Voting is all of our civic duty, and we’re excited to work to do anything we can to help make this process as easy, accessible, and safe for all Angelenos [as possible].”

James, who signed with the Lakers two seasons ago, said that it did not take long for him to learn “how special the relationship is between the Dodgers and Lakers.” He is also proud to be able to help the Dodgers be the first MLB team to offer its venue as a polling station. As of now, they are unsure whether polling will take place inside or outside of the stadium, but they will figure it out in accordance with CDC guidelines. 

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Already a few NBA teams, like the Hawks and the Bucks have pledged their venues as polling stations, and James’s hope is that many more professional sports teams will follow.

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