LeBron James Wants to Share the Court With His 17-Year-Old Son

LeBron James Wants to Share the Court With His 17-Year-Old Son

When he sat down for an interview in an episode of Uninterrupted, NBA legend LeBron James discussed what he hopes his 17-year-old son Bronny’s future career will look like.

“I want him to get to the NBA,” the 37-year-old basketball star said during the clip. “I’m not even gonna lie.”

LeBron James Wants to Share the Court With His 17-Year-Old Son
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LeBron James says that being. inthe NBA alongside his son would be ‘an unbelievable moment’

James went on to elaborate with his hopes and specifically noted that the ultimate goal would be for him and Bronny to one day share an NBA court. “I want to be on the court with him,” he explained. “I think that would an unbelievable moment.”

But, how likely is it for a father-son duo to hit the NBA? If LeBron James hasn’t retired by 2024, it is entirely possible.

Seventeen-year-old Bronny is currently a junior in high school and is expected to graduate by 2023. Due to the NBA’s policy of requiring players to wait at least a year after graduating high school, Bronny could be drafted at age 19 in 2024. Although LeBron’s contract with the Lakers is expected to expire by then, he could definitely get a contract extension by then.

While James is getting up there in age in terms of professional athleticism, he is still regarded as an essential player for the Los Angeles Lakers. The likelihood of a father-son NBA duo is also more likely if the NBA were to change their rules in regards to draft policies.

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As of now, they require high school graduates to be out of high school for at least a year in order to be considered. However, this wasn’t always the case. James himself was drafted into the NBA in 2003, immediately after he finished his high school career.

LeBron James Wants to Share the Court With His 17-Year-Old Son
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The Los Angeles Laker then reiterated, “He’s about to be a junior so the years, it could get close, but we should see, but I want him to get to the NBA.”

Whereas his father has high hopes for Bronny to follow in his footsteps, mother and wife to LeBron, Savannah, has shared that she just hopes for him to be happy and healthy. Savannah expressed that she wishes for her son to “be happy and find happiness in whatever it is that he does.”

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