You Have To Watch These Incredible, Inspiring Videos Of Man Who Was Hit By A Drunk Driver Then Paralyzed Who Is Now Golfing And Overcoming Adversity

You Have To Watch These Incredible, Inspiring Videos Of Man Who Was Hit By A Drunk Driver Then Paralyzed Who Is Now Golfing And Overcoming Adversity

Marcus “Goose” Williams is a visionary, a photographer, founder of the Live Your Day Overcoming (LYDO) Life Project, and now is a golfer.

Williams, though most of his body is paralyzed, isn’t letting that paralyze him from living every day to the fullest, chasing his dreams, and overcoming some serious adversity.

“3/4 of my body is paralyzed,” Williams said in a recent Instagram post. “Yet I work through a brutal morning routine to get dressed. I drive a vehicle with hand controls and use this wheelchair to get around. With that being said I do my best to have productive days by showing up with a smile and not complaining. It’s tough but I do it, and you can do it too.”

ESPN describes what happened in a recent post from Williams: “A few years ago Marcus was hit by a drunk driver and lost the use of his legs. He didn’t let that stop him from learning how to play golf. Now, he’s pulling off shots like this 🎯👏”.

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Incredible. Not only does Williams play golf, he also has overcame so many obstacles to drive on his own, get his own groceries, do really daily tasks that many of us can take for granted. Not Marcus as he’s found a way to do them all without complaining and taking it a day at a time.

Williams posts some of his journey on Instagram in hopes of motivating others that they’re not alone in living every day overcoming.

So, how is he able to do all this and have this strong mindset?

“August 5th 2012 is when I started this journey,” Williams said in an Instagram post. “I have overcome many hardships to get to the other side. What I want to share with you all is that you can do nothing on your own; I know, cause without Him I am nothing. I come from the bottom, wounded by Life. Jesus Christ rescued me many times from self destruction. He has continued to be my strength and counselor over the years. I am Whole in Him. #liveyourdayovercoming #lydolife #grateful“.

“Approaching 7 years 8/5/12 since my life changed… I am fully aware that God has granted me a second chance to Live, on borrowed time,” Williams said in another Instagram post. “The testimony that I am living will speak for itself the moment that I complete my final task in this Life. Respect the Life. #liveyourdayovercoming #mypurpose“.

Incredible. Williams draws on faith and prayer to get him through, respecting life, not taking any day for granted, overcoming all those obstacles, looking to Jesus Christ who “rescued (him) many times from self destruction. He has continued to be (Williams’) strength and counselor over the years.”

From sharing more of his story, to coaching fellow golfers, to playing in his first golf tournament, to posting videos of his golf swing, Williams is striving to motivate others.

Williams doesn’t even want to use the phrase “disabled”: “The word #disabled is a disempowering context that society uses way too loosely to classify people who live with debilitating conditions – as if we are weak links in society.. Disabled doesn’t apply to me,” Williams said.

But, instead, he has so many abilities that are encouraging and motivating people around the world.

“You can…end of story” is one of the many motivational quotes Williams has posted on Instagram.

Now, here’s to letting Marcus himself tell his story in a series of posts as Williams is hoping you, too, can live your day overcoming.

“LYDO Life is a Non Political Lifestyle brand that is excited and proud to now serve in the region of #Georgia! Over the past 5 years our roots have been planted in the Bay Area. I Marcus R. Williams founded the brand in 2013 a few months after I was released from spending 144 days in 5 different rehab facilities in Northern California.
August 5th 2012 at 2:38am my truck was hit from behind on the freeway in Richmond Ca. by an unlicensed/uninsured drunk driver. I sustained a Life threatening T6 level Spinal Cord Injury. The impact from the car crash flipped my vehicle over 7 times ejecting me onto the highway (hit x run) w/ a broken back, both hands, 3 fingers, my left arm, 3 ribs, skull contusions, road rash, a dislocated left hip and a punctured spinal cord. During my extended rehab I battled several infections that resulted in me enduring 2 rigorous back surgeries. I AM A SURVIVOR – I BECAME RESILIENT…”

Williams Instagram post

“…Since my Life change, LYDO Life has been committed to peer advisory, advocacy, and innovation. My experience working hand and hand with therapist, doctors and families of survivors has helped rehabilitate over 250+ survivors of various injury levels. LYDO is the Lifeline. Our network has a wealth of resources that can help empower any survivor physically and/or emotionally to battle their unique Life crisis. We publish a healthy mindset that becomes a Lifestyle post rehab. We work closely with each survivor from initial impact during the early rehab stage until the day he or she returns home to their family for their long awaited homecoming. This is the stage of rehab that gives each survivor the opportunity to implement all of the Adaptive Life Skills that they have learned to prepare them for the Real world. I personally remain in the lives of each survivor (as needed/requested), just a phone call away for them to draw from my mentorship. I have experienced and witnessed every aspect of rehabilitation. Consult with LYDO.. it can only strengthen, redirect, and resurrect your new Life! 📲 Inquire within: [email protected]
#lydolife #liveyourdayovercoming #rehabilitation #spinalcordinjury #paralysis #debilitation #peeradvisor”

Williams Instagram post

“Hear me clear: You can bounce back from ANYTHING,” Williams said in an Instagram post. “I am living proof / truth. #lydolife“.

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