Peyton and Eli Manning Reveal the WORST Fight They've Ever Had

Peyton and Eli Manning Reveal the WORST Fight They’ve Ever Had

Peyton and Eli Manning are both legendary NFL quarterbacks, but their brotherhood comes before any of this.

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During the Dec. 12 episode of the brothers’ “ManningCast” of “Monday Night Football”, the eldest brother opened up to guest star Bill Simmons about the worst fight they’ve ever had. To everyone’s surprise, it had nothing to do with football. Instead, it was a childish prank.

“I feel like a couple of years ago we were on a golf trip and I was trying to take a nap and I was kind of in a corner bed and he came up behind,” Peyton began, launching into the epic tale. “And he kind of had me leveraged into the wall and he gave me a wedgie. He almost went atomic with it.”

“It was atomic,” Eli Manning confirmed. “Over the head.”

The former Denver Broncos quarterback went on to explain that it was a particularly annoying attack since he was preparing for sleep. “I was about to be asleep,” the 46-year-old retired athlete shared. “I was so angry, basically because the nap was interrupted, but the atomic wedgie was like an added bonus. He was so proud. We almost threw down, but I couldn’t. I was in pain. I couldn’t fight real well.”

However, the younger brother revealed that there was another reason behind Peyton’s anger: The former New York Giants quarterback ruined one of his brother’s favorite articles of clothing. “He said those were his favorite underwear that I ripped and that’s what he was mad about, also,” Eli pointed out with a laugh.

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“‘These are my favorite underwear!’ And I totally ripped them off, eventually, ‘cause he got it over his head,” the younger brother added.”

Peyton Manning will take any chance to make fun of his brother Eli

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Despite these actions being shocking, it shouldn’t come as a total surprise. Throughout both of the brothers’ careers, the Manning boys have been known to pick on one another. Most recently, Peyton hosted the Country Music Awards alongside Luke Bryan and made sure to diss his brother during the event.

“I’m just kind of a wing-it kind of host,” Bryan announced while on stage. And, in order to comfort the country star, Peyton Manning took his brother down.

“So what you’re saying is this is my worst nightmare,” Peyton joked before adding the sentiments, “But it’s actually OK because I do a show with my brother Eli. I am used to this lack of professionalism.”

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