Clippers Forward, Marcus Morris, Receiving Tons of Criticism After Multiple Dirty Plays on Luka Doncic

With 1:07 left in the first quarter, LA Clippers forward, Marcus Morris Sr., came down hard on Dallas Mavericks star, Luka Doncic’s head and neck.

After reviewing the foul, the play was ruled a flagrant foul 2 for “unnecessary and excessive contact” as well as an automatic ejection of Morris Sr.

Morris defended himself saying, “Honestly, I don’t think it escalated to that level. It is not like I didn’t touch any of the ball. I didn’t wind up. I didn’t do any of that. It was a hard foul.”

Doncic however did not agree with Marcus, especially after game 5’s incident: “It was a terrible play. What can I say? It’s two games in a row he did something like that. I really hoped the first game it wasn’t on purpose, but looking back on the foul this game, you know what I think.”

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In the middle of LA’s blowout game 5 win over the Mavericks, Morris appeared to intentionally step on Doncic’s injured left ankle causing his shoe to fall off. 

Despite the tension that had carried over from the game 5 controversy, referee Scott Foster told the media that Morris’s reputation and history with Doncic played no part in the play’s ruling.

Clipper’s coach, Doc Rivers, thought that Morris’s negative reputation might have played a part in the ejection decision: “I don’t think he should have been thrown out, but listen, I’m biased. I thought he made a play on a ball, and he hit him on the head. It happens all game. I think it was a reputation throw out, but you’ve just got to live with it. Rivers added on, “I love Marcus’s intensity. Yeah, he’s a tough guy. He’s not backing down, and I love that.”

Even with Morris out of the picture, the Mavericks couldn’t overcome the dominant LA Clippers and ended up losing 97-111 which ended their season.

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