Matt Stafford's Twin Daughters Ace Snack Challenge In the Most Adorable Way

Matt Stafford’s Twin Daughters Ace Snack Challenge In the Most Adorable Way

The latest challenge to take social media by storm is everywhere and now, it has officially penetrated the sports world. From Kylie Jenner to other current and former reality television stars, to most recently Matt Stafford and Dwyane Wade, anyone who’s a parent is using this latest challenge to see how well their young children listen.

While there are many names floating around for this particular challenge, it has mainly been referred to as the “fruit snacks challenge.” Basically, mom or dad puts fruit snacks, or whatever their favorite snack is in front of their child, and then they asked them to wait to eat the snack until they get back, usually from the bathroom.

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And the results are equally adorable as they are sometimes hilarious.

Take a look at the Detroit Lions quarterback’s twin daughters. Stafford’s wife, Kelly Stafford, posted the video on her Instagram account, take a look:

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“#fruitsnackchallenge with m&ms,” Kelly wrote. “Really did not know what was about to happen with this. But I seriously love their little talks.”

Matt and Kelly were praised for their parenting skills in the comments section. “Adorable, well-behaved young ladies,” one commenter wrote. “Great job Mom and Dad!”

Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union’s daughter was also tasked with taking on the challenge.

However, Kaavia James didn’t care about proving her level of patience or her ability to listen to her mom and dad. And that’s just fine with us because the video is hilariously cute!

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“We couldn’t resist the #FruitsnackChallenge but we had to challenge Kaavia James with her favorite snack @bitsysbrainfood,” Union wrote. “You already know.”

Seriously, if these videos don’t make you smiles, nothing will.

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