Michael Strahan Says the Super Bowl Jersey of His Up For Auction Is Fake, But Auction Company Says It's Real

Michael Strahan Says the Super Bowl Jersey of His Up For Auction Is Fake, But Auction Company Says It’s Real

Michael Strahan Says the Super Bowl Jersey of His Up For Auction Is Fake, But Auction Company Says It’s Real

If you ask Ken Goldin of Goldin Auctions, the company that is auctioning off Michael Strahan‘s Super Bowl XLII jersey, he’ll tell you he’s 100-percent certain it is authentic. But the NFL legend himself says that’s impossible.

In an interview with TMZ, Goldin said that “we are 100% confident the Strahan jersey in the auction is authentic. And the photo-matching services letters and images speak for themselves.” As People reported, the Goldin Auctions website also swore by the authenticity of the jersey.

“This jersey shows outstanding game use with numerous grass and dirt stains from the University of Phoenix Stadium’s turf and features Strahan’s number ’92’ sewn on in red tackle twill on the front, back and shoulders,” the website reportedly read. “The shortened and tailored sleeves have three red stripes screen printed and each sleeve also has a red and white Reebok logo patch.”

However, if you go to the website now, it says the item as been “withdrawn.” And that could be because, in an interview with Pardon My Take, Michael Strahan himself says he still has the jersey.

According to Strahan, the jersey he wore for the final game of his career is still hanging in his home gym today. With the exception of his shoulder pads, Pro Football Talk reports that he kept everything from Super Bowl XLII.

As he explained to Pardon My Take, Strahan said he put everything in a duffel bag and gave it to a friend after the game. Strahan retrieved the jersey he wore from the bag once he returned to New Jersey.

“I take it out [of] the bag, the whole thing is wet, still soaking wet and nasty,” Strahan explained. “The thing still has stains on it from dirt, from Gatorade, and the stench if you were to take it out of the frame.”

But as Pro Football Talk reports, there is still more to the story. Several years ago, a lawsuit was filed alleging that “former Giants clubhouse attendant Edward Skiba gave Strahan a replica that had been made to look like it was the real thing, down to the Gatorade stains.”

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Because of this it is unclear who actually has the real jersey from Super Bowl XLII. And for those who might think being able to replicate and switch a jersey without anyone noticing is impossible, just look at what happened to Tom Brady in 2017.

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