ESPN's Molly McGrath Gets Bodyshamed While Rocking Her Baby Bump During a Live Broadcast

ESPN’s Molly McGrath Gets Bodyshamed While Rocking Her Baby Bump During a Live Broadcast

ESPN’s Molly McGrath Gets Bodyshamed While Rocking Her Baby Bump During a Live Broadcast

ESPN reporter Molly McGrath is a familiar face when it comes to sideline reporting. This year, however, she has a partner in crime, joining her.

As McGrath announced in September, she is expecting her first child in 2021. As the mom-to-be shared on Instagram, “this is what happened when they cancel sports.”

Just a few days after announcing the big news, McGrath was back to work, reporting from the sidelines.

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Baby’s first game 🏈

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Sadly, people were “offended” by the beauty of McGrath’s burgeoning baby bump. Now, the expectant mother is addressing the body-shamers.

“Last night I was on my feet for over 6 hours straight, in the rain, and knew that I would only get 3 hours of sleep because of a last-second flight change. For the first time, maybe ever, I let a cruel troll tweet about the changes of my pregnant body get to me.”

As McGrath continued, “being pregnant is hard, especially as I enter my third trimester. My feet swell and hurt like I’ve never imagined and my back constantly aches. Not to mention the slew of other symptoms like nausea, heartburn, and exhaustion.”

After all, the sports reporter is “making a HUMAN LIFE! The baby I’m carrying around could live outside of my body right now, and my strong a** body made that baby from scratch,” McGrath admits. All of that along with how demanding her job is, the last thing she needs are people commenting on her ever-changing pregnant body.

“But you know what, I wouldn’t change ANY of my circumstances in a second. I feel so incredibly lucky to have a job that I’m so passionate about, it makes me forget that a little human is kicking my ribs. I am proud to be a pregnant woman working full-time and I am proud that the magnitude of creating a human life has not, and will not, slow me down.”

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As Molly McGrath said proudly, “Women are freaking incredible and powerful and anyone who doesn’t see that can kiss my big achey butt.” Amen, Molly, Amen.

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