NFL Community Remembering, Honoring Three-Time Pro Bowl Selection And Walter Payton Man Of The Year Nominee Vincent Jackson

More Information Being Released On Tragic News Of Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers Wide Receiver Vincent Jackson

More Information Being Released On Tragic News Of Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers Wide Receiver Vincent Jackson

In what was a turn of emotions for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and its community after winning the Super Bowl then a week later hearing the tragic news about one of its own, the beloved Vincent Jackson, more news is being reported about the tragedy.

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According to Tampa area radio station Q105 MJ Morning Show’s Roxanne Wilder on February 17, Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister was on the MJ Morning Show talking about Jackson: “(Jackson) leaves such a legacy both on and off the field. When we spoke with Sheriff Chad Chronister this morning about Vincent Jackson’s passing, the Sheriff said that after looking at autopsy reports, it has been determined that Jackson suffered from chronic alcoholism, and there are concerns of CTE.”

Not only was Jackson a three-time Pro Bowl selection, the wide receiver founded the Jackson in Action 83 Foundation. He also was nominated for the Walter Payton Man of the Year in four consecutive years per the Buccaneers’ owner and co-chairman Bryan Glazer.

The Jackson in Action 83 Foundation gives a brief bio of Jackson’s life and why he wanted to start this foundation.

“Feeling a strong commitment to serve the community in which he lives, Vincent launched the Jackson in Action 83 Foundation in November 2012.  The foundation’s mission is to provide support to military families, focusing on the educational, emotional, and physical health of the children.  This mission is especially close to Vincent’s heart because he knows what it’s like growing up in a military family.  As a child, his father was deployed to Germany and Panama, leaving Vincent and his mom at home.  He feels that one of the real threats to a close bond between military parents and their children is their deployment away from home.  Vincent’s desire is to parlay his success in football into an organization that can help military parents maintain close relationships with their kids, no matter the physical distance that may separate them.”

Jackson in Action 83 Foundation site

“Just tragic, 38-years-old and to have the impact he had on this community, he would never say no,” Sheriff Chronister said per My Q105. “He’s the person that you would call hey I have something we want to do for a child in need, a family in need, a military member in need, and he was always there. I don’t know how he balanced his schedule.”

“A military child himself, Vincent took great pride in the foundation’s work, and we know he would not only want it to continue but to grow,” the Jackson In Action 83 Foundation Family said in a Tweet. “We ask that in lieu of flowers, please consider a donation to this foundation. Your support will allow for Vincent’s commitment to military families to continue in a meaningful way, which truly honors a life that meant so much to so many.”

“As the son of two military parents, Vincent Jackson was raised with structure and discipline.  His dad, Terence, served in the Army for 21 years.  He met Sherry, Vincent’s mom, while in boot camp.  Vincent attributes his modesty to the loving guidance of his parents and, as a result, he feels a responsibility to help other youngsters have that same advantage.  Known currently for his prowess on the football field, Vincent excelled as a straight A student at Widefield High School in Colorado Springs, CO, graduating with a 4.1 GPA. His excellent academic performance earned his acceptance to Columbia University, but Vincent chose to attend the University of Northern Colorado on scholarship.  He played both football and basketball during his four years on campus.  While earning All-American Honors at UNC and becoming the school’s All-Time Leading Receiver, Vincent majored in Business in an effort to prepare for his post-football career.”

Jackson in Action 83 Foundation site

The Jackson In Action 83 Foundation Family thanked everyone who reached out to express their condolences in a Tweet: “We have received numerous requests from people who supported Vincent wanting to express their sympathies. While there is a hole in our hearts that can never be filled, we take solace knowing that Vincent positively impacted so many lives. His legacy will cotninue through the work of the Jackson in Action 83 Foundation and our support of military children and families.”

If you’d like to support the Jackson in Action 83 Foundation, you can do so here.

And in regards to the tragedy, here’s what Sheriff Chronister said on the Tamagotchi’s area radio station.

Sheriff Chronister at the time said via My Q105 they hadn’t gotten the toxicology report back so he “can’t say with any certainty that was it (alcoholism being cause of death) but a lot of longstanding health conditions that contributed to his passing because of some alcohol abuse”.

According to USA Today: “Medical examiner’s office spokesperson Michelle Van Dyke wrote in an email that ‘there is no timeframe for the completion of the autopsy report’ in Jackson’s case, though it could take several months to determine the official cause and manner of his death.”

Sheriff Chronister detailed how Jackson’s family told the sheriff that Jackson “suffered from CTE”.

“This is true speculation but what the family’s telling me is he suffered from CTE,” Sheriff Chronister said per My Q105. “They believed he had a lot of concussion problems and when you suffer from that you’re not yourself. You’re not your normal self and they believe wholeheartedly…all of these actions are a result of what he suffered while he was playing in (the) NFL.”

Of course, concussions have been at the forefront of discussions among concerns of playing the sport of football. With all that hard-hitting contact, you’ve seen the NFL try to make changes to deter especially helmet-to-helmet contact. We just hope that this area continues to get better because it is a serious issue.

And reportedly Jackson’s family is looking for answers for their beloved Vincent and according to USA Today “decided to donate his brain to researchers at Boston University in an attempt to learn if the late wide receiver suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), family spokesperson Allison Gorrell confirmed in an email to USA TODAY Sports”.

Prayers up for the Jackson family during this trying, traumatic, difficult time.

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