This Is Not A Drill, We Are Getting A First Look At The Newest Space Jam Starring LeBron James

This Is Not A Drill, We Are Getting A First Look At The Newest Space Jam Starring LeBron James

This Is Not A Drill, We Are Getting A First Look At The Newest Space Jam Starring LeBron James

There are only two words needed for this.

“LET’S GO!!!!!”

That’s what LeBron James said in a new post showing a sneak peak clip of his new film Space Jam: A New Legacy:

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“Space Jam Movie coming at y’all in just a few months from now!” James said in an Instagram post. “I’m so EXCITED about this project!!! CAN NOT WAIT FOR YOU GUYS TO SEE! 😱🐰🥕👑@thespringhillco#TunesVsTheWorld#ThekidfromAKRON…”

The movie is set to release this summer (2021) and I, for one, cannot wait! Who’s with me?!

First of all, I grew up watching the original Space Jam. I remember my parents gave me this mini matching Space Jam furniture as kid because it was one of my favorite films.

The nostalgia that comes with it, it’s unparalleled. So much so that as an Intramural Sports captain at Oakland University, it didn’t matter what type of sport it was, my team was always called “Tune Squad”. And shout out to my Filipino basketball squad in Michigan whose logo was inspired by the Tune Squad logo.

It wasn’t just the fact that Michael Jordan was balling out with Looney Tunes agains the Monstars. Now I realize there’s so many life lessons you can gain from this flick. Including facing your fears, becoming and living out your dreams and who you’re meant to be, teamwork, setting big goals, focusing on family, etc.

All that to be said, I don’t think I can contain my excitement for Space Jam 2! Don’t think I’ve been more excited for a sequel to a movie.

And I’m not alone.

Check out what other people are saying about the upcoming movie:

“Love it man,” David Beckham commented. 

“Can’t wait!🔥” Randy Moss said.

“Love this,” Mindy Kaling said.

“Is it too late for me to be added???” Gilbert Arenas asked James.

“Bugs and Bron,” Clutch Points said. “Name a better duo. 🔥”

And Complex Sneakers has their popcorn ready: “🍿🍿🍿”

In other news, more than five months ago, LeBron was able to share another sneak peak of what the new Tune Squad jerseys looked like and that his foundation and I Promise School families were able to see the film first. That’s what’s up!

And LeBron’s already been virtual video calling Bugs Bunny. Bugs, get that carrot out of your ear!

Summer 2021. Space Jam 2: New Legacy. I’m hype (obviously). Are you? Let me know in the comments and what you’re most looking forward to about the sequel.

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