Patrick Chung Retires From NFL, Thanks Bill Belichick For Teaching Him Life On And Off The Field

Patrick Chung Retires From NFL, Thanks Bill Belichick For Teaching Him Life On And Off The Field

Three-time Super Bowl champion and long-time New England Patriots defensive back Patrick Chung is retiring from the NFL.

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“I want to say thank you to the Patriots organization, my family, my fans, coaches, just everyone,” Chung said in an Instagram post.

“I’m in tears writing this but I’ve decided to hang up the cleats,” Chung said.

“Bill, Mr. Kraft, (mean mug) thank you for giving me the opportunity to play for your team for 11 years,” Chung said. “I love you. Bill for teaching me life on and off the field, I will not forget that. To my teammates, trainers, Eq team, video guys, meal room employees, janitors, etc. I love you guys and ladies. Thank you for being the rock to the organization. For cleaning up, feeding, taking care of me for 11 years. You will forever be family. But it’s time to start a new life. Patriot unitl I die!!! Love you all”.

Chung’s played in 23 playoff games, logged 11 interceptions, 778 tackles, 21 tackles for loss, and had a touchdown.

It’s also evident in how much of a family man he is and how much he takes being involved in the community off-the-field seriously.

Chung’s posts and Instagram bio include a link to this GoFundMe. Chung said in an Instagram post: “This is AJ Quetta. He got into a Tragic incident on the ice that will change his life. I couldn’t imagine as a parent having to deal with this. Crushes my heart man. His go fund me link is in my bio. Whatever you can do to help with medical bills etc. $10, $20…$1 is good, anything from all the people that follow me and have some kind of heart. I’ve donated my thousands.”

If you’d like to donate to help AJ and his family, you can do so here.

And Chung’s getting congratulatory comments left and right:

  • “Love you big bro and everything you’ve done for anyone you’ve ever been around!!!”
  • Dont’a Hightower commented on Chung’s Instagram post. “Appreciate the rings, the ox tails, and the countless 🍺 lol Red Coat coming soon!✊🏾💪🏾”.
  • “All the best PC!” Rex Burkhead commented. “Congrats on a great career bro.”
  • “Legend!!” Ben Rawitz said. “Congrats on an epic career.”
  • “Great pro, warrior, champion and friend,” Berj Najarian commented. “With much, much more to come! All love, respect and appreciation❤️”.
  • “The best of the best,” Danny Amendola said.
  • “Congrats on a GREAT career Champ!” Darius Butler said.

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