Patrick Mahomes' Fiancé, Brittany Matthews Wants To Know What Moms' Top 3 Priorities Are During Pregnancy: 'Give Yourself Some Grace!'

Patrick Mahomes’ Fiancé, Brittany Matthews Wants To Know What Moms’ Top 3 Priorities Are During Pregnancy: ‘Give Yourself Some Grace!’

Patrick Mahomes’ Fiancé, Brittany Matthews Wants To Know What Moms’ Top 3 Priorities Are During Pregnancy: ‘Give Yourself Some Grace!’

As Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes and his fiancée, Brittany Matthews, are expecting, Matthews has some insight as she’s going through this wonderful time for them, being pregnant.

“One of the most important things I have taken from pregnancy is, GIVE YOURSELF SOME GRACE!!!” Matthews said in an Instagram post. “Understand your body is changing, you’re growing a whole human inside of you, so do not be so hard on yourself! The amount of times I workout in a week fluctuates every week, and sometimes I don’t get a workout in at all, and that’s okay!”

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Whether you’re pregnant or not, chalk it up as something many people can learn from, to “not be so hard on yourself.”

Matthews also listed what her top three priorities are during pregnancy:
1. “Just Move🏃‍♀️”
2. “Drink your water💦”
3. “Eat appropriate amount of cals😋”

Matthews wants to know: “If you are a momma, I would love for you to share your Top 3 Priorities you had during your pregnancy😊👇🏼”

So, what did all the momma’s say their top 3 priorities were during pregnancy?

Here’s a list of some of the comments on what Top 3 Priorities Some Moms Have While Pregnant:

“Drink water, minimal stress, eat!” one mother said.

“My top priorities were eating enough, drinking water and keeping my blood pressure low,” another momma said. “You’re out here killin it, girl!”

“Move for sure, nutrition, and listen to my body for when I needed to rest and not succumb to athlete brain,” another mom said.

“Top 3! Consuming healthy foods, keeping my hips and booty strong, enjoying the moments of being pregnant 💞” another ma said.

Another mother is also currently pregnant: “Currently 32 weeks pregnant! Sleep, eat healthy (but had morning sickness until 28 weeks so had to eat whatever stayed down), move daily – some days are lifting or cardio, some are yoga or walking. Just listening to my body and doing what it needs. You are doing great! ❤️”

Another mother kept it real in the comments:

“So I was not the healthiest during my pregnancy but I will tell you that I did begin to learn what my cravings were actually for. There were times where I would just be saying “I need carbs” or I need protein.” Other times I would crave cold things. Thankfully I never assumed it meant pickles and ice cream…I would usually eat cucumbers or cut up melon when I craved cold food. Get to know your cravings. So helpful!”

Comment on Matthews’ post

When it comes to Mahomes, if his #mycausemycleats is any indication, he’s already doing it for the kids. The Boys and Girls Club of Greater KC helped design his cleats that showed his foundation, the 15 and the Mahomies. The foundationis “dedicated to improving the lives of children by supporting initiatives that focus on health, wellness and communities in need of resources.”

With Mahomes already helping impact kids’ lives for the better, I’m sure the quarterback is ready to be a great dad to his and Brittany’s child!

On the field, Mahomes and his team, the defending Super Bowl champion Chiefs, currently sit at 13-1 and are first in the AFC West. We will see if they can repeat as champions in 2021.

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