Peyton Manning and Joe Buck Get Rowdy During Hilarious Monday Night Football Episode

Peyton Manning and Joe Buck Get Rowdy During Hilarious Monday Night Football Episode

When well-respected retired quarterback Peyton Manning sat down with his brother Eli for their weekly “Monday Night Football” show, the last thing the former Denver Bronco expected was to be roasted by Joe Buck.

During the Manningcast, the brothers were joined by American sportscaster, Joe Buck, to discuss the New England Patriots game versus the New York-based Buffalo Bills. Since the eldest Manning brother has transitioned from actually playing football to reporting on it, Peyton questioned Buck’s experience in the world of broadcasting.

Peyton Manning and Joe Buck Get Rowdy During Hilarious Monday Night Football Episode

“When y’all have a blowout game, do you ever wish you could have a guest on there that you and Troy [Aikman] can interview?” the 44-year-old retired quarterback questioned.

Joe Buck roasts Peyton Manning by bringing up Super Bowl loss

And, Buck had no qualms about absolutely roasting Manning. In an astonishingly serious voice, the broadcaster stated, “Yeah, you know, the last time I thought about that was when you guys played Seattle in the Super Bowl.”

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Buck of course was referencing 2014’s Super Bowl when the Denver Broncos were up against the Seattle Seahawks. This game would go down in history as one of the biggest whoopings in the NFL. During the Game, Denver’s center player Manny Ramirez threw the ball over the quarterback’s head that it resulted in a safety. Although they didn’t know it at the time, this action catalyzed a series of misfortune for the Broncos. The end result was  43-8 in favor of the Seahawks.

Needless to say, Manning didn’t want to relive this moment in his career.

Visibly upset, it took a minute for the former Denver Bronco to register that Buck was playing a joke on him. However, once he broke into a smile, his younger brother Eli commented, “Shots fired! You just went up a notch in my book, Joe.”

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Then, the 45-year-old Manning brother accused Buck of sharing those sentiments in older to get on his brother’s good side. “Trying to get on Eli’s good list, trying to get my mom to send you a Christmas card after all the abuse you’ve given Eli,” he said.

Although funny in execution, it is unlikely that the boys meant to cause real psychological damage to one another. Many fans have flooded the comments with sentiments that express their sympathies for Manning, but it’s probably safe to say that he will survive the harsh burn of Joe Buck.

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