Camilo Villegas' 22-Month-Old Daughter Passes Away Following Battle With Brain and Spine Cancer

Camilo Villegas’ 22-Month-Old Daughter Passes Away Following Battle With Brain and Spine Cancer

PGA Pro Camilo Villegas’ 22-month-old daughter Mia passed away on July 26 in Miami. Mia had been battling tumors that were on her brain and spine.

Following Mia’s passing, PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan issued a statement offering his condolences to the Villegas family. “The PGA TOUR is deeply saddened having lost a member of our family, Mia Villegas. We grieve with Camilo and Maria and our thoughts and prayers are with the Villegas family.”

According to Villegas, the a four-time PGA Tour winner, he and his wife began to notice a change in their daughter’s health in late February while he was playing The Honda Classic. During a press conference last month, Villegas shared that it was one of their usual trips to the gym that had him wondering if something was wrong with his baby girl.

“She always went to the gym with me; it was one of our bonding spots. She was always like a little monkey, climbing on everything. But then one day, I noticed she had not been climbing on anything. She had also been crying a little more than normal at night. She had been teething, so we took her to the pediatrician, thinking it was that.”

On March 14, Villegas and Maria took Mia to Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami for scans. It was then that they learned of the tumors that were growing on the 1-year-old’s spine and brain.

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As a result, Mia underwent surgery to have the tumors removed. However, that was far from the end of her battle. “After the surgery, when it was time to remove the stitches, they learned the growth had become pretty aggressive,” Villegas told reporters during his press conference.

“We were told we needed to start treatment right away, so they kept us there,” the father explained. “Physically, though, she wasn’t ready to get the kind of chemo doctors were hoping for.” In fact, the “baby chemotherapy” Mia endured was so strong doctors told Villegas that “if he had given me the treatment, I wouldn’t have survived.”

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Nonetheless, despite all she was going through, Villegas said Mia’s childlike spirit and strength shined through.

“It’s not easy, but I have actually seen Mía playing while she’s crying. She does want to play. She’s a kid. She’s young and naïve, but she’s also really tough. We just don’t know. The doctors explained that sometimes the tumors grow fast and disappear fast.”

The last time the father shared to his Instagram page was in February. It was a photo of Mia wearing his sneakers.

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Our thoughts and prayers are with Camilo and Maria during this difficult time. Mia was their only child.

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