25 Phoenix Tattoo for Men

25 Wild Phoenix Tattoos for Men That Soar

25 Wild Phoenix Tattoos for Men That Soar

The phoenix represents transformation, death, and rebirth in its fire. As a powerful spiritual symbol, the phoenix is the ultimate representation of strength and renewal. Like the sun, the phoenix dies at night only to be reborn every morning. Because of this, it should come as no surprise that the firey bird is a favorite design for many tattoos. Chances are you know someone or have seen a tattoo of a phoenix before, but we hope to bring you some extra special options that you probably haven’t seen.

We decided to take a deep dive into phoenix tattoos to discover what the newest trends are and how this symbolic bird is being designed. From huge tattoo chestpieces to smaller ankle designs, we’ve put together a list of our favorite phoenix tattoos for men. You better grab a glass of ice water because this list is fire. Check out these 25 phoenix tattoo designs for men to inspire your next tat.

Irezumi Style

Irezumi is the Japanese word for tattoo and the traditional style is applied manually using a wood comb instead of a tattoo gun (ouch). These detailed tattoos are instantly recognizable and people are still tattooing in the style today. Here, we find a phoenix design that the person who shared this image described as “Hō-ō” which is a mythological bird motif that found in Sinospheric mythology that reigns over all other birds.


This black, white, and, grey ink tattoo looks and feels electric. The lines get more abstract as the bird transforms into fire at the lower part of the tattoo.

Fly Color

Well, this barely looks real. This tattoo has a very cool watercolor effect at the edges and both blue and green inks are blended to give it an atmospheric look. The bird itself is highly detailed. If you’ve got time to sit for at least to tattoo sessions, consider something like this.


This very animated tattoo of a phoenix in flight includes swooshing lines to add movement. Done in just black ink, this would also be a great option for a backpiece.


Speaking of backpieces, you could do no better than this huge tattoo. The color choices are just as bold as the design which makes this very large tattoo a real standout.

Breaking Chains

We think the hands breaking chains is part of a previous tattoo, but we could be wrong. With heavy stylistic influences, this tattoo includes billowing smoke that looks very cool and adds depth.

Chest Banger

Here, we find a bicep with a giant phoenix head on it. Look at the way steam or smoke comes from the eye. This intense tattoo would also make for part of a backpiece.


This tattoo comes from a Chinese-Canadian artist based in Toronto. It’s very trippy and heavily influenced by classic Chinese motifs. The piece fades in and out of black and white which gives it the most unusual appearance. We’re into it!

Orange Moves

If you like your tattoos with a bit more punch, consider getting a monochromatic one like this that uses varying orange inks to complete. The overall shape of the design also complements the torso which is a hallmark of smart tattoo planning and layout.

Full Chestpiece

Here, we find another Irezumi-style tattoo in a classic shape. The scene includes both a dragon and a phoenix tangled up together. It’s very busy and very detailed and we’re sure this dude is very proud of it.

Watercolor on Fire

Watercolor tattoos make ink look paint and seem to drip and bleed across the skin. This very bold black phoenix with a shadow of fire is a good concept. You might consider getting something similar.

Black & (a little) White

This near-half sleeve is pretty epic. If you don’t want any color on your tat, consider asking your artist if they can highlight a black and grey tattoo with some white details. It will make the whole design really stand out.

Big & Bold On Back

This tattoo comes from Brazil (hence, the skimpy bathing suite). This phoenix has blue fire incorporated into it which is very smart. We’d like to see more of these designs done in cool colors.


If fine linework is your thing, this tattoo should excite you. The bird itself is expertly done and the flame shapes behind it really look excellent.

Fire Bird

This actually just kind of looks like an eagle on fire, but we wanted to show you a more American-neotraditional style. It’s a great shape for the chest, but we think the bird’s overall shape could have been reworked to make it more appealing.

Red Phoenix + Dragon

When in doubt, red ink is always a good idea. Here, we find yet another phoenix and dragon battling. This is probably one of, if not, the best tattoos on the list. There’s a ton of detail and the overall effect is really arresting.

A Sleeve

Get your sleeve on with a giant scene like this. The theme is based on Japanese design, but it was completed by an artist based in Los Angeles. Going full color means not having to compromise.

Geometric Half Sleeve

Here’s an innovative design that takes a more geometric approach to the design of the bird. There’s also a small landscape scene here, done in a different style. Very interesting. Find an artist who can take your weird ideas and turn them into art like this.


This awesome red and orange bird is improved by the words, “Still I Rise,” the title of one of the most famous poems of all time written by Maya Angelou.

Sharp Stuff

If you’re after a full sleeve, take note of how well this one turned out. The shape fits the shape of the arm and it’s sized well for the real estate it’s taking up.

Strength + Faith

You can get abstract with it and take a more minimal approach to any design. Here, we find an impression of a phoenix with the words “faith” and “strength” worked into it.

The Feathers

Here’s a large example all the way from Russia. There are some issues with this tattoo, but overall we like the concept. We were especially impressed by the way the feathers on the breast turned out.

Fresh on Ankle

If you don’t have a “go big or go home” mentality, it’s fine to get a smaller tattoo that’s easy to hide at work (or from your mom). The foot or ankle is the ideal place for this.

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This design is probably the most cinematic tattoo on the list. We really like the way the tattoo fully wraps over the arm. All the black of the background really makes the subject here stand out. Great job!

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Neo-Traditional Calf

Last, but not least, this design features a phoenix that’s more like a dragon than a bird, which is smart. Further, the style is neo-traditional but leans heavily into traditional territory. The calf is another great spot to put a big, bold tattoo.

There you go! 25 phoenix tattoos for men that truly soar. We hope you enjoyed these cool examples of varying sizes, designs, and styles. If you’re considering a tattoo, let these inspire you and ask a trusted tattoo artist to create an original piece.

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