This Tweet Thread Will Take You Out To The Ballgame. Friend Looks Out For His Roommate During A Date At A MLB Game

This Tweet Thread Will Take You Out To The Ballgame. Friend Looks Out For His Roommate During A Date At A MLB Game

The typical wingman will always have your back no matter what. He’ll make sure to make you look good in front of the woman you are trying to impress and not try to step on anyone’s toes but to let you do your thing in making the first move to pursue that woman (just make sure when you pursue her, treat her with utmost respect, dignity, and cherish her, man! Don’t play with her emotions but show your intentions from the jump).

Well, in this case, at least one guy had his buddy’s back at an Arizona Diamondbacks game. And Twitter was here for it, with many people calling this dude exactly that, a “wingman”.

YouTube gamer and (per his Twitch channel) “(f)ormer college athlete (who) played 2 years of professional FIFA for the Colorado Rapids”, @BuckArmy, sent this tweet to the D’Backs:

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Then, the rest was history.

After tweets back and forth trying to find this guy’s roommate, the @Dbacks twitter and even the D’Backs broadcast Twitter @BallySportsAZ teamed up seemingly to make sure they were able to spot the roommate. The roommate, after a series of tweets, was eventually found with his date.

Here’s some of the tweets in the thread:

  • @Dbacks: “What’s he wearing? Now we’re curious…”
  • @BuckArmy: “He’s wearing a red Dbacks spring training shirt and I think the girl is wearing green.. I really hope he didn’t lie about his seats”
  • @Dbacks: “Hate to break it to you, but we can’t find your friend…”
  • @BuckArmy: “Can we try M section F? Red shirt with a girl wearing green”
  • The @Dbacks tweeted a GIF as the GIF said ‘Ladies and gentlemen, we got him’
  • @Dbacks: “Body language looks good – they seem comfortable. They just laughed too. Stay tuned for more…”
  • @BuckArmy: “I love you guys…”
  • @BallySportsAZ: “We’re invested in this now. Keep the updates coming.”
  • The @Dbacks tweeted a picture of them on the jumbotron saying: “You’re welcome”
  • @BuckArmy: “I love you guys…”
  • @Dbacks: “Honestly this has been super enjoyable for us too, so thank you.”
  • @BuckArmy: “Hahaha of course! Thank you guys!”
  • @Dbacks: “7th inning update: They seem to be having a great time, which we’re absolutely taking credit for. We’re debating on saying hi. Thoughts?”
  • @Dbacks: “We got them a couple of game-used baseballs to remember the occasion.”

Some game-used balls and a night to remember, indeed. That’s exactly what @BuckArmy did as he recapped this memorable night.

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